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How does a spiritual life help in brahmacharya (celibacy)? What is the connection between celibacy and Self Realization?

Param Pujya Dadashri says, ‘After getting this knowledge [of the Self], I have never had a thought about sexuality at all!’ only then has this speech that uproots and ends sexuality, emanated!

But what do celibacy and Self Realization have to do with each other?

They are connected in many ways. Without celibacy (brahmacharya), the experience of the Self (Atma) cannot be known. One will not know whether this bliss that has arisen is coming from the Self or from the non-Self complex! For the one who wants to experience the clear and distinct experience of the Self (spashta vedan) in this very body, this is actually not possible without absolute pure brahmacharya. As long as there is even the subtlest wrong belief that there is pleasure in sexuality, the parmanu (subatomic particle) of sexuality do not get completely discharged (nirjara). As long as that wrong belief does not completely and totally disperse, awareness at a very subtle level should be maintained.


How does celibacy help to achieve Self-bliss? It helps a lot. The physical strength, the mental strength, the intellectual strength and the power of egoism; all of these are exhausted because of non-celibacy! Whereas, the whole inner-self becomes very strong and vigorous because of celibacy!

After the experience of Self-bliss, the taste of sexual happiness is experienced as bland. How does tea taste after eating a jalebi (indian sweet)? Of course, the taste of tea is not so sweet after eating jalebi. Like that after Self Realization, the happiness that one experiences from the Self is far greater than the happiness from sexuality.

This body is nothing but bones and flesh wrapped in a silken sheet. The intellect shows the external to be beautiful, whereas the Knowledge (Gnan) shows it as it is, through and through. To nurture this vision (drashti) to see through and through, Param Pujya Dadashri has given the extraordinary weapon of ‘three vision.’ In this life, it is possible to live a spiritual life and become totally free from the seed of sexuality through Akram Vignan (step-less science of Self Realization)! As the seed of sexual inclination (ruchi) that lies within is gradually caught hold of, one can become free from it. A person who wants to attain liberation in just one more life has to become free from sexuality.

Sexuality has persisted due to lack of understanding. By understanding it as per the understanding of the Gnani, it comes to a stop. As the Gnani Purush has become completely free of sexuality (nirvishayi), tremendous power of speech (vachanbud) manifests in him, which prompts the purging (virechan) of sexuality.

Param Pujya Dadashri has direct vision (drashti) to view worldly life, through which one is able to see that the body is separate from the Soul. The body is temporary and therefore it is not worth getting attracted to body parts because in the end, one will not get happiness but will get unhappiness. He gives the understanding in such a logical way that any intellectual person will easily digest it.

If the sexual impulses (vikari bhaavo) within are dissolved with understanding, with Knowledge (Self Realization), through Purushartha (progress as the Self), then one can become free of sexuality.

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