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Why there is suffering and misery?

All misery and suffering in this world is a consequence of lack of understanding. All suffering is self-inflicted because of one's inability to perceive the reality. If you ask a person who has burnt himself why he did so, he would tell you that it happened because of his mistake and not deliberately. In the same way all suffering is a result of similar mistakes. All suffering is a result of our own mistakes. Once these mistakes are gone, your work is done.

Questioner: Do we suffer because of our karmas?

Dadashri: These are all our karmas and that is why the mistakes are ours and no one else's. In this world, no one else is at fault. They are but merely 'instruments' in delivering the effects of our karmas to us. The suffering is yours but it comes by way of others. How can you blame the postman who delivers news of your son's death?

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