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How can one become a Pure Person?

Questioner: What should one do to attain purity (shuddhata)?

Dadashri: If you try to ‘do’ anything, you will bind karmas. Here you simply have to ask for what you want. Any actions of ‘doing’ will bind karmas; ‘doing’ good will bind good karmas and ‘doing’ bad will bind bad karmas, and in purity (shuddhata) there is no such thing. This Knowledge (Gnan) works on its own; one does not have to ‘do’ anything. 

The Self is just like the Self of Lord Mahavir, but one has not realized this, has he? This realization can come through Akram Vignan. There is a tremendous increase in one’s awareness (jagruti). Worries stop; one becomes free (mukta)! Complete awareness arises. This is the science of absolute knowledge (kevalgnan); it is not something ordinary. Therefore Your work of liberation can be accomplished.

Questioner: How can one attain as much knowledge as you have, as a Gnani?

Dadashri: All you have to do is to sit with Him (the Gnani) and attain His grace, nothing else. Everything only happens through the grace of the Gnani. You can attain kevalgnan (absolute knowledge) through the grace of the Gnani. You will bind karmas if you try to do anything because you have not realized ‘who you are’. You will realize who the doer is when You realize ‘who You are’.

All Worldly Interactions Are Relative

You can attain liberation even by simply understanding ‘What worldly life (vyavahar) is’. This worldly life is relative; all these ‘relatives’ are temporary adjustments and the ‘real’ (the Self) is the permanent adjustment.

To project ‘I am’ in temporary things; is the wrong belief. ‘I am Chandubhai, I am her husband,’ etc. , are all wrong beliefs. Are you absolutely convinced that you are ‘Chandubhai’? Shall I give you proof of that? If someone were to insult you, would you be affected?

Questioner: Not a bit.

Dadashri: Would you be affected if someone picked your pocket?

Questioner: For a little while.

Dadashri: Then you are ‘Chandubhai’. If you are ‘Chandubhai’ only by vyavahar (for worldly interaction purpose only) then nothing will affect You.

Questioner: If that is so, then what is the difference between us (the Self-realized, mahatmas) and other people? One must get rid of, renounce, that which is wrong for sure. So if we develop that then a change will gradually come.

Dadashri: If you want liberation then you will have to get rid of the dualities of good and bad. If one wants to side with good, then in that state there is abhorrence towards bad things and attachment towards good things, whereas in the path of purity, the shuddha, there is no abhorrence or attachment towards good or bad. In reality there is no such thing as good or bad. It is just the contaminated vision (maleendrashti) that sees good and bad and this contaminated vision is the deluded view (mithyatva); it is a poisoned view. ‘We’ get rid of that poison.

Reference: Book Name: Aptavani 5 (Page #106 - Paragraph #4 to #6, Entire Page 107, Page #108 - Paragraph #1)

The Magnificent Nine Kalams

These Nine Kalams liberate one from his roonanubandha (bondage created due to attachment-abhorrence in the previous life) with others over endless previous lifetimes. It is pratikraman; it is the highest pratikraman. It is a tremendously powerful pratikraman.

Questioner: Our inner intent is exactly the same as what the Nine Kalams say. We have the same intent, same wishes and the same opinion as the Nine Kalams.

Dadashri: When you recite the Nine Kalams, all your mistakes, until now, loosen up. The ‘fruit’ of this is inevitable. The effects of your past mistakes will present like a burned rope. The moment you touch it, it will disintegrate into ashes.

Chandubhai=  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandubhai' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding.

Reference: Book Name: Pratikraman (Full Version) (Page #119 - Paragraph #4 to #6)

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