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Why should one not worry about the future?

Worrying about the future ruins the present; Stop looking far away mountains, prevent stumbling now!                           

Questioner: I have three daughters. I worry about what will happen to their future?

Dadashri: Instead of worrying about their future, it would be better for you to secure a ‘safe side’ (attend to the present and do your best). Every day secure a ‘safe side’. Your worrying about their future is not helpful in any way; it is detrimental. Your greatest solution is to secure a ‘safe-side’ everyday. Did you not understand?

Questioner: Yes, I understood all that.

Dadashri: There is no point in thinking about the future. It is not at all under our control. One dies within no time. There is indeed no need to think about that. The efforts that you put in thinking will all go to waste. Worries will occur, anxiety will occur, and this is certainly not helping. This is not scientific way at all.

When we go out, how many feet ahead do we look and walk, about 100 feet, 200 feet or closer?

Questioner: Yes, we look closer.

Dadashri: Why don’t you look far? If you try to look far you will miss what is close to you and you will stumble. Therefore, stay within normality. So, everyday keep seeing their safe side. We give them good sanskar (good values) and do all those things. You are responsible for this, not for anything else. And human has no right indeed to worry like this. A human being has no right to worry in any way at all. This right (authority) he uses it up silently. In a secret way, he cheats even the God. There is no need to worry at all, why do you have to worry at all?

You being a doctor, are doing something like this, do you this thing? What do you worry about?

Questioner: About everything.

Dadashri: Why, do you worry about all patients that die? Or is it about the family?

Questioner: About everything. About the family, about the outside, about the patients. Everything is nothing but full of worries.

Dadashri: This is considered a kind of egoism. Lord Krishna said, ‘Mortal one (jeeva) why are you lamenting? Krishna will do what he has to do!’ When you leave from here and to outside, do you look far away and walk? Why do you decide on the sight (to look close) closer? It is so that accident does not occur, then you keep going further and further. Therefore, that is considered having attained the safe side. Did you not understand this? Will this help or is this talk futile?

Questioner: It will help.

Dadashri: So much useless talk! If you see too far ahead then you will have an accident, every time, every five you will have an accident.

Did you understand? This is a scientific way; all that other talk is falsehood. Your daughters will not have any problems. I will give you the medicine so that they will not have any problem. So then, do questions about your daughters end? Are you sure that they have ended?

Questioner: Yes.

Dadashri: You have to be a guardian or a trustee for your sons-daughters. You don’t have to worry about getting them married.

This is Science. Once in a while (very rarely) Akram Vignan has manifested. Akram means no steps, step-less. This is not the main path, it is a narrow path. The main path (Kramic path) is going on, isn’t it? That path is not in its original stage, it has become upset. Right now, all the dharmas (religions) have become upset. When the dharma was in its original stage, for the Jain’s, for Vaishnav’s, homes would run without worries. But now if the daughter is three years old, one says, ‘See I have to get this daughter married.’ Hey, your daughter will get married when she is twenty years old, but why are you worrying now? Then why are you not worrying about dying? Then he says, ‘No don’t remind me about dying at all.’ Then I say, ‘What’s the problem in reminding you of dying? Are you not going to die?’ Then he says, ‘But if you remind me of dying then I will lose today’s happiness. Taste of today’s happiness is lost.’ Then why do you think about getting your daughter married? Your taste will go away then too, will it not? This daughter has brought with her (from her past life) all the sadhan (tools, all she needs) for her marriage. Parents are just a nimit (instrument, apparent doers) in that. More or less, whatever the expenses are, it is exactly what she has brought with her. All this is merely entrusted to the father. Therefore, this world is not to worry about. If you look at it exactly, this world is not worth worrying about, it never was and it will never be.

The girls (daughters) have brought their karmic accounts (heesaab) with them. You don’t worry about your girls (daughters). You are their guardian. Your daughters have brought their own suitors for them (from the past life). You don’t have to go and tell someone to give birth to a boy for your daughters. ‘I have a girl (daughter), would you birth to a boy for her?’ Do you have to go and tell others that? So she has brought everything she needs  but the father says, ‘She is 25 years old and she is not married yet, etc.’. This he will be whining whole day long. Hey, there is 27 year-old-boy ready (somewhere) for  her, but you have not found him yet. So why are you complaining? Just go to sleep, in peace! This daughter has come with her timings all properly arranged. 

Some of them worry about their daughters when she is only three years old, ‘In our caste it costs so much, how will I do cope?’ They keep on complaining. This is nothing but egoism they do. Why do you keep worrying about your daughter? The girl will get married when it is time for her to get married, she will relieve herself when it is time for her to relieve, she will experience hunger when it is time for her to be hungry, she will feel sleepy when it is time for him to sleep, why are you worrying for no reason? When it’s time to sleep, the eyes will close by itself. Waking up has brought its time. Similarly, the daughter has brought with her the time for her marriage. Will she go (die) first or will we go first, is there any telling?

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