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How to end suffering?

Questioner:  Should one tolerate or find solution?

Dadashri: It has been said that one should increase his level of tolerance, but how long can this last? For how long can one continue to tolerate? Tolerance is limited, whereas solutions through Gnan are permanent. Gnan is unlimited. This Gnan is such that you do not have to tolerate even to a slightest extent. Tolerance requires a lot of energy; its like melting steel with your eyes, it is impossible. But with Gnan you remain in bliss and attain freedom without having to practice tolerance. With Gnan, you can understand that your past karmic accounts are being settled and that you are being freed.

If a person suffers, it is because of his own mistakes. If a person enjoys happiness, it is the reward of his good deeds. The law of the world is such that it accuses the nimit (the apparent 'doer' - person who inflicts suffering). However, God's law, the Real Law, catches the real culprit. This law is exact and no one can ever change it. There is no law in this world that can inflict suffering upon anyone, not even the law of the government.

If you break something valuable will you experience suffering? If your son breaks something valuable, you will worry and suffer. If you accept that it is the result of your own past mistake, would you worry or suffer? You create suffering and worries by seeing faults in others. You become frustrated because you feel that you have to endure so much, but if you understand that whatever happens is the result of your own mistakes, there will be no suffering.

If someone blames you for something, surely you must be at fault somewhere? Why not destroy that mistake? In reality, no person in this world can cause hurt to another. This is how independent every living being is. If there is any suffering, it is because of one's own past mistakes. Once these mistakes are destroyed nothing is left pending.

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