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What is greed?

Greed is to become perpetually engrossed in anything that becomes dear to you. Greed is the reason why you find no satisfaction even after you acquire it. A greedy person is preoccupied with his greed from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed at night. That is called greed. From the moment he wakes up he is driven by his greed; he does not even stop to relax. He does not have the time to laugh. He is consumed with his greed the whole day long. The moment he enters the market, his greed is there. Greed, greed, greed and greed. He roams around in this way the whole day long, in vain. When he goes to the market, he knows exactly where the vegetables are expensive and where to find cheap ones. He then heads for the stall that sells cheaper vegetables every time.

A greedy person accumulates everything for the future.When he collects a lot, a couple of large rats will come in and clean up everything he has hoarded.

You are free to save and accumulate money, but without a desire to accumulate it. Do not obstruct money if it comes your way and do not go digging for it if it does not.


Money is destined to come to you. It will not stay just because you want it to stay. It will leave when it is time for it to leave. You cannot obstruct or accumulate it. If you save up enough today in the hope that it will be used for your daughter's marriage twenty-five years later, you are mistaken. If people believe in this, they are wrong. Whatever comes your way at that time is the reality. Money must be fresh.

So use everything that comes your way, do not waste it. Do not throw it away. Use it for a good cause. Do not have a strong desire for accumulating it. There should be one principle about accumulating money and that is that there should be a limit to how much you accumulate. That is called the necessary capital. Retain the capital and spend the rest in the right places.You cannot waste money.

Contentment is the opposite of greed. This contentment comes from an inner understanding carried over from the past life. This understanding is different from Gnan, which is Self knowledge. This understanding which is the knowledge of the relative world, results in his being content and not running after money. Without this understanding greed remains.

One has enjoyed all this in many previous lives, and therefore there is contentment that he does not want anything. The one who has not enjoyed these things in his past life is discontent. There remains within him a constant need and greed to enjoy this, enjoy that etc. Then greed of many variety sets in.

Questioner: A greedy person is also miserly is he not?

Dadashri: No, misers are different. Misers do not have money and that is why they are misers. A greedy person may have twenty five thousand rupees at home, and yet he is constantly looking for cheap bargains. His chit is always in greed. Even when he goes to the vegetable market, he is looking for the cheaper pile!

The greedy person has awareness about everything in the worldly matters.

Questioner: What is the difference between a greedy person and a miser?

Dadashri: A miser is only concerned with money whereas a greedy person has greed about everything. He has greed for money and greed for pride. Greedy people have greed spread out in every direction and will take away everything for themselves.

Questioner: Which is better, to be greedy or thrifty?

Dadashri: Greed is a crime. Thrift is not.

What does it mean to practice economy? When times are tight, be tight and when times are relaxed, you should relax also. Never get into a debt over anything. You can create a debt in your business, but not for your enjoyment or any luxuries. When is it acceptable for you to get into a debt for food? Only when you are dying, and not otherwise it is unacceptable. You cannot get into a debt to enjoy fancy and gourmet foods. 

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