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Should we not say anything when some one is lying?

Questioner: Should we not say anything even if he is lying or doing something wrong?

Dadashri: Yes you can caution him. Tell him, "It would be better if this does not happen." You can say it this way. He feels hurt because you speak as though you are his superior and that offends him. If the words are going to be hurtful, then they should be spoken with humility and respect.

Questioner: Can respect and humility be maintained even when speaking harsh words?

Dadashri: Yes they can be maintained. That is the very science. You are playing a 'role', and that role must be played out thoroughly and convincingly, just as the actor, Laxmichand, while playing the role of King Bhratruhari, sheds tears when he begs alms from Queen Pingda. In reality Laxmichand is not crying, but he knows that if he does not play his part well, he will lose his wages. This is how you should express your sentiments. After Gnan the whole life becomes a drama (play).

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