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Who is at fault Guru or Disciple?

Questioner: The gurus of today are only after money.

Dadashri: People are like that too. The 'logs' are crooked and therefore there are crooked 'saws' for them. Even the wood today is not straight! People are crooked and that is why they find crooked gurus. What crookedness do people have? 'I want a son for my son'! It is these kinds of intense greed (lalacha) that make them victims and subject to exploitation by their gurus. How is a guru going to get a son for your son? When he does not have wife and children of his own, where is he going to get a son for your son? Why don't you ask someone with children? People have gurus because of their intense greed (lalacha) for such things. Hence, these fraudulent gurus have taken advantage of such lalacha. It is right to make someone a guru when you do not have any lalacha yourself.


These gurus simply change their attire and mislead people. People, on the other hand, are fooled because of their lalacha. They would not be fooled if they did not have any lalacha. The one who has no lalacha will never have the occasion to be fooled.

Questioner: But today, people ask their guru for worldly happiness; no one asks for liberation.

Dadashri: It is all worldly talk everywhere, is it not? There is no talk about liberation. It is all about, 'I want my son to have a son,' or 'I want my business to run well,' or 'My son needs a job,' or 'Bless me so I can get this or that…' There are endless such lalacha. Hey you! Have you come here for religion, for liberation or worldly things?

There is a saying, "guru is greedy (lobhi), and the disciple has intense greed lalacha, so they both play their own game." This should not be the case. The disciple is filled with lalacha and so the guru will tell him, 'Your work will be done with my blessings.' Therefore, nothing will be attained when lalacha is involved.

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