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Why to Take Care Of Parents ?

Questioner: But what about those who neglect their parents at present; what life form will they inherit?


Dadashri: A person who neglects his parents will not be happy in this life. What is the direct proof behind taking care of one's parents? If a person takes care of his parents, he will not suffer throughout his life, nor will he experience any difficulties. This science is wonderful, and that is why the scriptures tell us to take care of our parents. In doing so, you will not encounter any difficulties related to money in your life. Whether this is a principle or not is another matter, but you should definitely take care of your parents. If you do not, then who will take care of you? How will your children learn and know that you are worthy of taking care for? Children observe everything. If they see their father neglecting his own father, they will grow up with the same values.

Questioner: What is a son's responsibility towards his father?

Dadashri: The children's responsibility is to fulfill their obligations towards their parents. How do the children benefit in doing this? They will never be short of money; all their needs will be met. And if a person takes care of his guru, he will attain liberation. But people of today do not take care of their parents or their guru. They are all going to be unhappy.

The Greatest Obligations

A person who finds fault with his parents will never be worthy of anything. He may become wealthy, but he will never progress spiritually. One can never look at his parents' faults. How can one forget his obligation towards his parents? When we cannot even forget our gratitude towards someone who gives us a cup of tea, how can we forget what our parents have done for us? Do you understand? This is why you should be deeply appreciative of them. Serve them well.

In this world, there are three people worthy of your utmost gratitude and you can never forsake this gratitude. They are your father, mother and the guru! You should never forget the benevolence of the three people that have put you on your path.

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