Bhagwan Rishabhdev Stories: Exploring 13 Births of Adinath, the First Tirthankar of This Time Cycle

Bhagwan Rishabhdev, also known as Adinath, was the first Tirthankar of the third era of this current time cycle. He was also the first King of the third era. His symbol (laanchhan) is of a bull. Gomukh Dev is His Shaasan Dev and Chakreshwari Devi is His Shaasan Devi! He had taken 12 births before He became a Tirthankar. He was born in the Yuglik era as the son of Kulkar Nabhi and Marudevi due to which He is called mata Marudevi na nand (son). He was married to Sunanda and Sumangala and had 100 sons and 2 daughters. He attained Absolute Knowledge (Keval-Gnan) and gave Deshna to His thousands of followers.

Let’s now go through the life stories of the Lord’s 12 previous births, prior to His birth as Tirthankar Bhagwan Rishabhdev.

The First & Second Birth
The Fourth Birth and Other Four Births
The Ninth and The Tenth Birth
The Eleventh and The Twelfth Birth
The Thirteenth Birth as Rishabhdev Tirthankar
Omniscience and Nirvana
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