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Solution to Relationship Problems: Stop Watching Faults

Nowadays, problems in relationships persist almost everywhere, mainly due to the inability to understand and accept the front person as she or he is! Sadly, people of this era have no idea of how to live happily with their home members; then, what to say about outside relationships? Their negative attitude coupled with the inherent blaming habit have become such that they fail to see their own faults as well as understand others. This is the main reason why they cannot solve their own relationship problems. Whether they are family relationshipsor official associations, it is not uncommon for people to seek for how to save a relationship via relationship advice experts.

Now, your hunt for such an expert has come to an end. One such expert, Param Pujya Dadashri, the greatest relationship advisor of this world, has answered all your relationship questions. He gives a single scientific solution for sustaining any kind of relationship with joy and peace: “One should not see or notice anyone's mistakes.”

According to Him, "Suffering in this world will remain for you as long as you see faults of others. Freedom will be yours when you see others innocent. "One is not to win the world; he has to win his home (family)."

So, how can one stop finding fault in others? How can one attain such a flawless vision? 

By attaining Self-Realization; you will get the exact vision to find out who is at fault and how to mend it so that you, too, can experience internal peace and bliss.


Spiritual Quotes on "Solution to Relationship Problems: Stop Watching Faults"

  1. All misery and suffering in this world is a consequence of lack of understanding.
  2. When you engage in criticisms you are dissipating your own energies.
  3. When you confess your mistakes, your strength begins to grow.
  4. When you begin to see your own faults, you have attained Right Vision.
  5. The nature of mistakes is such that once you become aware of them, they leave.
  6. Once you are awakened to The Self, you become aware of your mistakes; otherwise you can never see your own faults or mistakes.
  7. You are your own protector and your own destroyer. You are whole and sole responsible for yourself. You are the only boss.
  8. Suffering in this world will remain for you as long as you see faults of the world and others. Freedom will be yours when you see the world and others as innocent.
  9. Once a person decides that he wants to destroy all his mistakes, he can become fully enlightened.
  10. No mistakes can touch the one who is in his pure state of awareness.
Dada's Life

Dada's Life

1. Those who show us our mistakes are very beneficial to us. What is better than having someone show you your mistakes, which otherwise you would have to make an effort to see? Gnani Purush is open to the sky. He is like a child. Even a child can show the Gnani his mistakes, without any hesitation and the Gnani would accept. 

How can a person get rid of his bad habits? By constantly keeping in mind that his habits are bad, and also openly declaring the same. He should repent a lot for his habits and never defend them. Then he will become free of them. This is Dadashri's personal discovery of how to get rid of bad habits.

2. I have no inflexibility in me. I accept my mistakes readily when they are pointed out to me. I am even thankful to the person who points out my mistakes to me, because if he sees them then it means that the mistakes are there. I would not question whether he is right or wrong.

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The Flawless Vision

The Flawless Vision
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