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If Egoism binds Karma, then how can one become free from it?

Egoism arises first and then this body is constituted. Gita has said it correctly that the egoism arises first, and then comes the body. Egoism binds karma and this mind, speech and body are its effects (results). Egoism is the cause and these mind, speech and body are the effects. 

bind karma

Questioner: Then, egoism is the fundamental cause?

Dadashri: It is not the fundamental cause either. It is a cause that you have created. This is the cause that you have created. Causes and effect, effect and causes. Now, if this link is broken down, liberation can occur. So which of the two needs to be broken? Which part needs to be removed?

Questioner: The causes need to be removed.

Dadashri: Yes, remove the causes. Effect can't be changed by anyone. Now, how do we remove the causes?

Questioner: Once we become free of karma.

Dadashri: No, you are not to become the 'doer' of karma. Akarta bhaav (intent of non-doership) must occur. The experience of 'I am not the doer' should arise in one.   

Questioner: It happens.

Dadashri: It happens! However, we do not benefit much by knowing 'it happens'. The egoism may become a little weak but it will not vacate its seat. Unless, the egoism leaves its seat, the causes will not stop. Causes - it is the very business of egoism. Karmas are bound because of egoism.    

Once you become the doer, there will be a karmic bondage; whether you become the doer of sakam-karma (action done with expectation of rewards) or nishkam-karma (action done without expectation of rewards). But once you become the doer, there is bondage. The fruit of nishkam-karma is happiness, there will be peace in the worldly life and the fruit of sakam-karma will be unhappiness.

Vitrags have said that karma and Soul, these two have been since time immemorial (anadi). Therefore, these have no beginning at all. Thus, intent arises based on the karma, and karma arises based on the inner intent. This goes on forever. The Soul remains where It is.

Questioner: Yet it is the Soul that has the connection with the body.

Dadashri: That, it does not feel as its own; possession (by the body) is not felt at all. All this indeed happens to the egoism. If there is egoism, there is no Self there,  and if there is Self, then there is no egoism.; there is no doer-ship either.

The scriptural experts have given so many examples, but how can one understand them? Here, everyone is on the wrong path. If the Self-enlightened person is there, one can be free. A Gnani will explain in which part one is the doer. Instead, one believes 'I am the doer of samayik (introspective meditation)' and 'I am the Atma (Self) as well.'  The one doing the samayik is the Self and the doer of everything else is illusion (mithyatva). The doer of anger- pride- deceit- greed is illusion. Hey, where there is the word, 'doer', from that point onwards, there is the illusion. I am the doer, you are the doer and he is the doer; all this is included in the illusion.

Egoism Brought on Dependency!

Once you know your own Self (swaroop), egoism goes away. Who created this world? How does it run? Who runs it? Who is God? Who are we? Where have all these attachments come from?  They stick to you when you don't like it, and they even stick to you when you like it, so wouldn't you feel dependency? Why would you have dependency? You are independent, completely independent, so why the dependency?  The answer is, 'you have become dependent because of this egoism. Once you know all this, the egoism will be finished it will disappear, and then there will be a resolution.' Do you want to get rid of that egoism?

Questioner: That would be very good; all the problems will be solved.

Dadashri: In two hours I'll get rid of them for you, in two hours!

Questioner: All right then, we'll be here. Not just two hours, we can come for as long as you tell us to.

Dadashri: You're so courageous aren't you? 'We' will get rid of your egoism.

'Who am I?' is all the knowledge worth knowing. Once you know this, you will have attained freedom. You will get to know all that, right here. Therefore, you should spend some time here in satsang (company of the Gnani).

*Chandulal = Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandulal' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding.

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