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Does God Exist? Where is God?

Does God exist? is there a God? Where does God live in this big universe? 

Is it in heaven? In the sky? In a temple? In our hearts? Or somewhere else?

By not knowing the correct address of God, we keep imagining Him here and there and everywhere…

where is god

Where is God?

God is in every creature whether visible or invisible. God is in creature, not in creation.

There are infinite invisible creatures which cannot be seen even under a microscope; God resides in all of them! However, there is no God in a sofa, a table, a camera, a tube light, or a record-player as these are all man-made creations. God does not reside in any man made things, but He is present in living creatures i.e. one-sensed living beings, two-sensed living beings, birds, plants, trees, animals, human beings, etc. What we see outside is the body and within there is God!

Is there existence of God?

Yes there is.

Wherever God is present, there is growth and there are feelings.

God resides as energy in all living beings, and in the presence of this energy, every being grows. For example, if we soak grains in a wet cloth, they will grow, isn’t it? But, if we keep a stone soaked in a wet cloth for years, will it grow? No. Things that do not have God within, can never grow, nor can they ever feel anything.

How do we know that God exists?

If God did not exist, there would be no experience of pleasure or pain in this world. It is only in the presence of God that we can experience these feelings. For example, if we try to pick an ant, it will run away from us in fear and in fact, it starts running even before we touch it because it can feel our presence and intention. Therefore, there is God within the ant. Whereas if we pick up a table and break it, the table will not run at all, because it is not living and it cannot feel anything. Therefore, there is no God within the table.

Wherever we see growth and feelings, we know that there is God within. The presence of growth and feelings is the simplest and easiest proof of the presence of God. In inanimate objects, there is no God and therefore they do not grow, or feel.

Now that we know God is within every living being, how do we see God?

All our life, we keep looking for God outside, but actually, God needs to be realized inside.

Through physical eyes (charam chakshu), we can see temporary and transient things on the outside.

God does not have any body. The body is just an outer covering. It could be that of a mango tree, a donkey, a human being or any other being, and it may rot or tear one day. Whereas God is the eternal pure element within, which is the same in everyone. This element is our true identity! The element within is the Self. The Self is the Pure Soul. The Pure Soul is God!

This eternal God residing inside everyone can be seen only through divine eyes (divya chakshu), which are procured when one attains Self Realization by the grace of living enlightened One (Gnani)! After Self Realization, we are able to see God in every living being, in ourselves, other human beings, the trees around us or even the animals... that is where God is! That is the address of God!

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