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Do you have control over all your actions (like sleep) and thoughts?


When you go to sleep at night, do you fall asleep or does someone else makes you fall asleep?

Questioner: I go to sleep by myself.

Dadashri: By yourself. Is that right? What happens if sometimes you can't fall asleep? 

Questioner: Then I toss and turn in bed, what else can I do?

Dadashri: Yes, you have to toss and turn in bed.  Therefore, the power to fall asleep is not in your hands, is it? Is the power to fall asleep in your hands?

Questioner: No. One can fall asleep if he takes a sleeping pill. 

Dadashri: Yes, one has to take pills.  Now, since you do not have any control over your sleep, do you have control to wake up?    

Questioner: No I don't.

Dadashri: 'I woke up early this morning', one will say. Is that true? If we ask him, 'do you want to go to sleep?' he will say, 'yes, I can sleep whenever I want to'. Then the next day, he will even say, 'I couldn't sleep last night'. Hey, you are the one going to sleep, and you can't get to sleep, aren't you contradicting yourself?' If the power to sleep were in your hands, shouldn't you be able to fall asleep whenever you wanted to? Just to fall asleep, he tosses and turns in his bed, but nothing happens. If the power (shakti) to wake up were his own, he wouldn't need to set his alarm for two o'clock in the morning. The clock has that power, but he does not. Can anyone find out for me what power one does have?

Questioner: Oh, if he has a thought about something, his sleep will go away.

Dadashri: But sleep is also not under your control, and even the thoughts that you get, are not under your control. All these are entirely beyond your control (parsatta). To believe that parsatta (another's control) is your own satta (control); is illusion (bhranti).  So what is the 'correctness' (truth) in all this, is something one should know. How much control (satta) do you have in your hands? No human being has the power; he does not have the power to wake up, no power to eat; so then show me what power he does have!


When this *Chandubhai drinks tea, he says, ‘I drank tea.’ Alya, *Chandubhai is drinking tea and why are you doing egoism? Therefore, it is not necessary to do all this egoism. It is not objectionable to say that I did this. Routinely, he drinks tea five times a day and then a day comes when he wants to drink but he is unable to drink it. Why is that so? Were you not drinking five cups a day? Should you not understand this? You will have to understand this, no?

Questioner: We should understand this.

Dadashri: Only the eater eats. Here, he only does the unnecessary egoism that I ate. Oh, you mad man, who are you to eat? And if you are the one who eats, why don’t you try to eat when you have fever? ‘I ate but then I vomited.’ You mad man, if you are the eater, why did you vomit? Then, he will say, ‘I want to eat but I am unable to eat.’

If you ask him, ‘Are you the one who goes to toilet or is it someone else who goes?’ He will reply, ‘It was only I who went.’ And then if he can’t, he will say, ‘I could not go to toilet today.’ ‘If you were the one going, why don’t you go now?’ Thus this egoism doesn’t do anything and creates all the confusion. I gathered all the foreign doctors and said to them, ‘Do you have the capacity to go to toilet?’ they became restless and said, ‘What are you talking about? We can make anyone do it, no?’ ‘You will realize that it is not under your power when it stops in your case. Why are you getting restless over it?’

Then they started to say, ‘Yes, Yes, Yes.’ There is not a single man born in this world who has his own power to go to toilet!

Questioner: If a doctor inserts a suppository down there, one can go to toilet if one was unable to go before, so then, is it not the doctor’s power?

Dadashri: It happens because the medicine is there. It is not under your power then, no?

Questioner: Isn’t it known as the doctor’s power?

Dadashri: Doctor has no power at all! When it stops in the doctor’s case, he has to get help from others. The doctor has no power at all, how can others have that power? I proved this to the doctors.

And what do people say? ‘ I did this, I made urine!’ Once, there was this old doctor, quite experienced, very nice man as such. One day, he met me. He told me, ‘Dada Bhagwan, have mercy on me.’ I asked, ‘What happened to you? What can happen to a doctor?’ Then he said, ‘I am unable to make two drops of urine. With great difficulty, one drop is made.’ I said, ‘Is that so? Is the power to make urine not in your hands?’ He said, ‘This power is not in my hands. Until now, I used to believe that I am the only one doing it. Now I have realized that the power is not in my hands.’


Did you realize what are the natural qualities of egoism? It doesn’t do anything on its’ own and yet says, ‘ I am the doing.’ That’s all, this is its’ only natural quality. It doesn’t do even one cent’s worth. ‘The doers’ are others and it says ‘I am doing’- this is known as egoism. Is there any substance to its’ qualities? Here, it doesn’t do anything at all, it has not broken a single hair and he says, ‘ I blew up this mountain, I made a tunnel in this mountain and then the train was able to go through.’

What power is in your hands then? The power to earn is not there, the power to get married is not there, the power to become the offspring is not there. You tell me what power one has?

Questioner: That is the only thing I want to know.

Dadashri: You are not aware of what strength is yours and where your power is not there, you are saying, ‘I did, I did.’

Aham [I] kar [doer], this ‘I am doing’ is the wrong awareness. He is not the one yawning and yet he says, ‘I yawned.’ He is not the one who sneezes and says; ‘I sneezed.’ He is not the one who hears and yet says, ‘I heard.’ ‘Alya, it is the ears that hear,’ if you are the one hearing, why don’t you tell a deaf person to hear? The understanding has totally been turned around.

‘I am the doer, I am the doer; that is the ignorance only;

It is like the dog under the cart, that thinks that I am pulling the cart;

The beginning of the universe has happened all by itself;

This is known by a few yogis and yogi’s Gods.’

How nicely has Narsinh Mehta sang this, how nice is the beginning if the universe, and ‘I am the doer, I am the doer’ is the ignorance. Thus, this beginning goes on revolving itself, day and night, and a rare yogi or yogi’s God knows this! And these yogis took it over! These are the yogis of the outer self and I know this, ‘Alya, what is it that you know?’ Only the yogis of the Self or the Gods of the yogis of the Self know this. These [outer] yogis can be found freely on the roads. They do not know this. He takes it upon his head unnecessarily; he gives the consent. ‘Aham Kar’, ‘I did’ he says. ‘Alya, Mooa, you have not done this. Why are you saying it unnecessarily?’ Thus, he signs as the accused where he is not to sign as the accused. Therefore, a charge sheet is prepared for him. Now, how can he understand that he is now trapped as an accused?

That power, when it says ‘no’, you are not going to be able to do that work and the work for which that power says ‘yes’, you are able to do that work. That power belongs to another. Because of egoism, you may think in your mind that I am doing all this. What makes you go to sleep, what makes you wake up, what makes you eat food, what makes you drink, what makes you come here is all [under] the power of another. This is not your power. But you believe it to be your power and that is an illusion.

All this is just egoism only. ‘Who is the doer of all this?’ I have seen this entirely. ‘Who has gathered all this?’ I know that. It is not objectionable if you become instrumental in it. If you say ‘ He came because I’d gone,’ it is wrong to say this. The power is not in your hands at all.

Questioner: Who is the operator then?

Dadashri: No one has to operate; this runs by itself. This keeps on running when one is born. And till one is on the deathbed, it continues to run. As long as there is breathing done from here, nothing in this machine will stop. If breathing stops, it will stop. All this runs automatically. This breath that can be taken; you are not the one taking the breath.

The doctor may tell you, ‘Hey, take a deep breath’ but if you are the one taking it, who is the one taking breath at night? Therefore, you are not taking the breath at all. It happens automatically. You need to understand this only, right?

Here, everyone says, ‘I did the breathing, I took deep breaths, I did that.’ But, he will start to scream if his nose is compressed. ‘Mooa, you were the doer, do something now!’ he will say, ‘My nose is being compressed.’ “Alya, were you alive because of the nose? What was the reason that you were alive?’ Tell me that, no? What power is there in you? How long can you be alive? If you compress on the nose, he will be quiet, finished! He will struggle and die! And if the power was there, these people are such that they will prolong the life for seven hundred or a thousand years. They will get the life charged again, if it is under their power. A man is not able to do that, no! There is the power of the Self but he has no awareness of it!

The embodied souls are dependent on the result of karma. They are called as prani [animates, pran=breath, prani= those who breath]. They are dependent on the breathing to be alive; they are not dependent on their own selves. When there is the awareness of ones’ own Self-form, one lives dependent ones’ own self. The pran of this body is different and the pran of the Soul is different. When the awareness of ones’ own Self-form occurs, one lives on ones’ own pran

*Chandubhai =  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandubhai' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding.

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