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By awakening the Kundalini, can one achieve Self-Realization?

Like a Cobweb

Everything is 'relative'. 'Relative' (worldly) means that it has an 'ornamental' luster. It stills (enchants) the mind. No progress occurs internally. When the mind is stilled, a person would become intoxicated. The mind becoming still and the ego (ahankar) mixing in, is called intoxication (masti). As soon as he becomes intoxicated, that is it, there is something here!

Questioner: Is it because one has experienced all the corporeal energies (kundalini) of yoga, that one becomes staunch and insistent upon it?  


Dadashri: All sorts of flashes will happen in the mind. They are just miraculous devices of the chit (the component of the mind that comprises knowledge and vision). In most cases, when I come across these 'kundalini people' on a train, when they see me, they immediately come to me to do darshan (acknowledge with reverence). Their ability to recognize (a Gnani) is commendable. Through the eyes and the joyful expression on my face, they understand that there is something here. Then I would ask them, where did they awaken their kundilini?

Questioner: They have a lot of egoism (aham).

Dadashri: This is the state that has come about as a result of increasing the ego. Therefore, when they come before me to do vidhi (act of surrender, by touching one's forehead to the Gnani's toe), that ego begins to exit. Thus, their entire body, shakes, shakes, jumps, jumps, and flaps around like this. Then it comes out. From then on they become light. By increasing the ego, one creates a cobweb. Then one believes that happiness lies in that web!

Questioner: Is this like a cobweb?

Dadashri: Yes.

*Chandulal = Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandulal' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding. 

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