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Which type of meditation does a true guru or sadguru make us do?

Who is an Ideal Guru?

People have not understood the term 'guru'. People in India have not understood whom to call a guru! People refer to anyone wearing saffron colored robes as a guru. If one quotes even a few words from the scriptures, people call him a guru; but that is not a guru.

One man told me, 'I have made someone my guru,' so I asked him to explain to me what his guru was like. Anyone who does not have artadhyan or raudradhyan is a guru, (Artadhyan- adverse internal contemplation due to presence of kashaya that are contained within, which hurts only him. Raudradhyan- adverse internal contemplation due to kashaya within that spill over and hurts him as well as others). Unless a person has these qualifications, it is a mistake laden with liability (guno) to call one a guru. You can call him a 'sadhu maharaj,' (sadhu- a monk. Maharaj- master) you can call him a 'tyagi' (someone who has renounced the worldly life), but to call him a guru is a mistake laden with liability. Otherwise, if you want to understand the word guru from the worldly perspective, then you can even call a lawyer, a guru; from the worldly  perspective, everyone is a guru!


Any guru that can bring us into dharmadhyan (absence of artadhyan and raudradhyan) can be called a guru. Who is capable of making others attain dharmadhyan? It is someone who can stop people from having artadhyan and raudradhyan; he can make people do dharmadhyan. If a guru does not have any raudradhyan when someone insults him, then you should know that he is worthy of being your guru. If, today, he does not get any food but he does not have any artadhyan, then know he is worthy of being your guru.

Questioner: If he does not have artadhyan and raudradhyan, then is he not a satguru?

Dadashri: A satguru is someone who is a representative of the Lord, the fully enlightened One. If he is liberated, then he is a satguru. The guru has yet to discharge all kinds of karmas and the satgurus has already discharged many of his karmas. So the one who does not have artadhyan and raudradhyan is a guru and the one who gives you moksha in your hand is a satguru. It is difficult to find a satguru, but if you find a guru, that is also very good.

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