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How to break the cycle of Reincarnation?


If the Soul is unborn and immortal, then the cycles of coming and going i.e. birth followed by death, death followed by rebirth are of whose? Replying to that, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan tells us that, “That which is the ego (ahamkar) is what goes through the cycle of birth and death (avagaman). The Atma remains in its same state. The ego comes to an end, and so its cycle ends!” When does ego go? When the experience of one's Self’s form happens. As one knows one's own form, the cycle of reincarnation gets stopped. To attain Self-realization and be liberated from the cycle of birth and death is possible through the human body alone.

On Stoppage of New charge, Comes an End:

We can understand from the example of a phone battery that just as the cells in the battery are 'charged', this body is also 'charged'. As a result of the past birth’s causes, the 'effective body' meaning the three 'batteries' of this mind-speech-body get ready. In this birth, the previous birth’s 'batteries' of mind-speech-body are now getting 'discharged', it is the effect of the previous birth. On the other hand, due to ignorance, new mind-speech-body 'batteries' are being charged, which are for the coming birth. If the new 'charge' stops, the old gets discharged and finishes and the new birth comes to a halt.

After death, the Soul leaves one body, and at the same time, enters the other yoni. At that time, the Soul goes along with the subtle body and the causal body. The subtle body is common to everyone, but everyone’s causal body is different based on the causes made by each.

How does this cause occur? And how does it stop? Once that is understood, then liberation is at a hand’s distance.

When any event occurs, based on what is our inner state at the time, the karma gets charged. When someone holds us respectfully, immediately says 'Welcome, welcome' when we go to their house, with great reverence puts flower garlands on us, at that time, we feel happy inside. When someone insults us, speaks to us badly, at that time we get annoyed. The external action that happens is the effect of the past. But at that time when we get happy or annoyed, karma is charged. This charge karma, in the next birth, gives the fruit and gets discharged. Now, at the time of suffering the effect of karma, if a new cause is not made, then new birth shall not happen. This is the key to breaking the cycle of rebirth.

The Chain of Cause and Effect

There is birth after death and death after birth, that’s all. This carries on constantly. Now, why have birth and death taken place? It is because of causes and effects, effects and causes. Amid this, if the causes are destroyed, then all the effects would come to an end, then a new birth would not need to be taken!

If causes are created throughout a person’s life, then where would those causes go? And once the causes are created, they inevitably give their ensuing effects. Do you understand what it means to create causes?

Causes are created in every action. If someone insults you by saying that you are worthless, then causes arise within you. [To have the intent,] ‘Your father is worthless’ is considered your cause. That person said that you are worthless based on the [karmic] law, and you went against the law by retorting. Did you not understand this? Why aren’t you saying anything?

Questioner: Yes, I understand..

Dadashri: So, the causes are created in this life. The effect of it has to be suffered in the next life!

People erroneously believe the illusory attachment (moha) that is an effect to be the cause. One simply believes, ‘I am getting angry.’ However, it is only as long as one is under illusion (bhranti) that there is anger with violent intent (krodh). As a matter of fact, it is not anger at all, it is an effect. And if the causes come to a stop, only the effect remains, and once the causes come to a stop, He is not responsible for the effects. And these effects will not refrain from unfolding.

In short, everything happens with the push of discharge, but one believes that 'this is me', 'It happened to me' or 'I am doing!' Due to that ignorance, the new seeds for the next birth get sowed. When the realization of the Soul happens, who am I, that’s when the seeds stop falling and one is released from the cycle of reincarnation!

Causes Cease through the Akram Science:

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, "It is only possible for the causes to be stopped in the human life-form. There are only effects in all the other life-forms. Here, there are both causes and effects. When ‘we’ give Gnan, ‘we’ put a stop to the causes. Subsequently, there will be no new effects."

Until Self-realization does not happen, one has to wander in different life-forms. Only a Gnani Purush can make us know the Soul, because of which the new charging stops and we are able to be free from the cycle of birth and death.

Right now, the link of Pratyaksh Gnani is active through Akram Science, in which, through the scientific experiment of enlightenment (Bhed-Gnan) called Gnan-Vidhi, one attains the partial experience of "I am Pure Soul" and a hundred percent conviction (faith) sets in. No matter how much penance-chanting-meditation we do, but this experience cannot happen by itself. When you get knowledge from an experienced Gnani Purush, that’s when you get the cash experience (experience for real).

Only Gnani Can Do the Separation between the Self and Non-Self!

Say both gold and copper are mixed together in this ring. If we were to take it to our home in the village and say, “Please separate the gold and copper for me!” Then would they separate it for us? Would someone do it?

Questioner: Only the goldsmith would do it.

Dadashri: The one who engages in this business, the one who is an expert in this, that person would separate the gold and the copper; he would separate one hundred percent of the gold. This is because he knows the gunadharma (intrinsic properties with a specific function) of both, he knows that, ‘Gold has these gunadharma, and copper has these gunadharma.’ Similarly, the Gnani Purush knows the gunadharma of the Self (Atma) and of the non-Self (anatma) too.

The gold and copper in this ring are in the form of a mixture, so it is possible to separate them. If gold and copper were to become a compound, then it would not be possible to separate them. Otherwise, the properties would end up becoming completely different. Similarly, the Self and the non-Self are a mixture, and they are not in a compound form. This is why it is possible to identify their inherent nature once again. Had they become a compound, the individual inherent nature would never be found again. The gunadharma of the Self would not be found, nor would the gunadharma of the non-Self be found, and a third, entirely new gunadharma would emerge. However, this is not the case. This is simply a mixture that has formed.

It is only the Gnani Purush, the world’s greatest Scientist, who Knows this,and only He is able to separate the two.Not only does He separate the Self and the non-Self, but He burns away your demerit karma (paap) and annihilates them completely, He gives You the divine eyes through which the Real and the relative are Seen as separate (divya chakshu), and gives detailed explanations of everything such as, ‘What is this world? How does it run? Who runs it?’ and so on. It is then that Your entire spiritual work happens. After that, we stay in the special directives of the Gnani Purush so that new karmas stop being charged and on old karmas being discharged; this is how we can break the cycle of reincarnation!

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