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Whose fault is it? Doctor or Patient

A doctor makes a house call for a very sick patient. The doctor gives the patient an injection for the pain and goes home and sleeps soundly. The patient experiences a lot of pain from the injection and passes a very restless night. Who is at fault here ? The patient.

Another doctor makes a house call for a very sick child. When he examines the child, he finds no pulse and he asks the parents why they called him. They tell him that the child was alive just before he examined her. The doctor gets angry with the parents. He also charges them for the visit. This is how the world is. Do not look for justice in this day and age.

Questioner: But it also happens that people go to the doctor for medicine and get angry with the doctor. I have experienced this.

Dadashri: Yes that also happens. If you blame the other person, you will be at fault. Nature is always dispensing justice.

If a patient dies during an operation, whose fault is it? Whose fault is it if you slip on wet ground?

It is absolutely wrong to see fault in others. It is because of your own fault that you encounter a nimit who inflicts suffering on you. If the nimit is a person, you blame him, but if the nimit is a thorn that pricks you, what would you do? There is a thorn lying on a footpath and hundreds of people walk by but none get hurt by the thorn. However, when Chandubhai is walking along, the thorn sticks in his foot. Vyavasthit is very precise. It delivers suffering only to those with past accounts. It brings together all the circumstances including the nimit and the  victim. But what fault is it of the nimit?

If a person sprays pepper spray at us, it will make us cough and we get angry with him, but if someone is frying peppers, and it makes us cough, do we get angry? Here we blame the nimit. If we understand the truth about who the 'doer' is, and why things happen, are we likely to fight about it?

It is not the mistake of the archer. The one who is hurt by the arrow is at fault. It will be considered the archer's mistake, when he suffers. At the moment, the person caught is the one who is hurt by the arrow. The one who is caught is the primary culprit. The other one will be considered guilty when he is caught.

Chandubhai* =  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandubhai' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding.

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