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How does the faith in guru benefit us?

Questioner: If we have faith (shraddha) in a guru regardless of what he is like, will that faith bear fruits?

Dadashri: Your faith will bear fruits only if you do not develop negative feelings and intent (abhaav) for him, even when he acts crazy.

Questioner: So, if we have faith in the guru, can we excel beyond our guru?


Dadashri: You certainly would, only if you do not develop negative feelings for him. There is a living God within that guru. It worked for Bheem even when he made a pot his guru. It is your faith that works, is it not? A person who has a habit of faulting others will go down if he does the same for his guru, when his guru says something wrong. If you have the energy to take care of your guru, then no matter what crazy things he does or whether he becomes delirious, if you can take care of him, it is worth making him a guru. But people do not put up with the guru until the end. They do not know how to do that, do they?

Questioner: If we place complete faith even in an unworthy person, it will bring forth benefits; will it not?

Dadashri: Why not? But you should not change after establishing it.

What is all this? Shall I tell you the truth? Shall I say it openly? It is not the guru, but your faith alone, that gives you the fruit. Whoever the guru may be, it is your faith that gives you the result. Not even this idol gives you the results; it is your faith that will bear fruits-results. The stronger your faith, the greater the instant benefit.

It is like this: faith on anyone does not remain continuously; it comes and goes in this world. The Gnani Purush is the exclusive idol of faith (shraddha ni murti). Faith comes to everyone upon meeting him. As soon as you see or hear him, you develop faith in him. The Gnani Purush is the idol of faith. He liberates you for sure. It is your faith that gives you the fruit in all cases.

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