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How to stop negative feelings?

When we talk about the besmearing properties (lepaimaan bhaavo) of the mind, speech and body, what exactly are they? These properties are inanimate (judha bhaavo); they are mere inclinations and intentions of the prakruti (characteristic traits of the relative-self). 'Besmearing' means that it will smear you even if you do not want to become smeared by them. That is why I say, "I am always untouched and untainted by all the besmearing intentions of the mind, speech and body." These besmearing intentions have tainted the entire world, and yet these intentions are nothing but an echo. They are inanimate, so you should not pay any attention to them.

Nevertheless they will not disappear easily; they will harass and torment you. How will you deal with them? What will you have to do to stop this force, which arises within you in a split second, even when you have no desire for it? You will have to start saying things like, "He (your opponent) or the event which is difficult, is very beneficial for me." You will have to say positive things about your opponent. When you start saying this, the negative feelings will cease. The negative feelings will lose their impact.

The moment you say, "Looks like the business is running into loss,' all the besmearing forces within (bhaavs) will immediately start to daunt you, 'This is going to happen' or 'That is going to happen.' 'Wait a minute, all I did was just mention something about the business, why are you all (negative bhaavs) 'barking' unnecessarily?' And so, you should say, "No, they are beneficial to me," and those bhaavs will simmer down.

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