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If someone had cheated us in the past and the memory of which comes in the present, then what to do? How to be without prejudice?

How to get rid of opinions

If someone has deceived you, you should not keep reminding and remembering it. It is very harmful to think about the past. You simply have to ‘see’ what that person is doing at present; otherwise it is called prejudice.

Questioner: But should I not keep that in my awareness (dhyan)? 

Dadashri: That is there naturally for sure. It becomes a prejudice when you keep it in dhyan– active attentive awareness. Prejudice ruins the worldly life interaction again. You should remain vitarag (free from attachment-abhorrence). You will naturally be aware of the past, however it is not a helpful thing. He behaved towards you the way he did due to the unfolding of your own karma. His conduct towards you will be positive if the unfolding karma is good. Therefore, do not have prejudices. How can you know that the person who cheated you before has come today to bring you a profit? Interact with him if you want to and don’t interact with him if you do not want to. However, when the time comes where you have to interact with him, then do not hold any prejudice against him.

Questioner: Does having opinion destroy our vitaragata?

Dadashri: Yes, you should not have opinions. Opinion is non-Self, and you have to ‘know’ that it is wrong; that it is harmful. You bind opinion through your own fault, your own mistake and your own opinion. What right do you have to form an opinion?

Questioner: If an opinion is formed and it is not wiped off, is a karma bound?

Dadashri: For the one who has attained this Akram Vignan and the bheda Gnan the separation between the Self and the non-Self has happened, then there is no binding of karma. Yes, if pratikraman is not done for the opinion, then it will continue to have an effect on the other person and he will not have a positive feeling for you. If one lives with a clean inner intent he will not bind a single karma. If he does pratikraman, the effect of the hurt will disappear. Purusharth is to ‘divide by seven if it was multiplied by seven.’

Everything, from birth to death, is in the hands of scientific circumstantial evidence, so where is the need to have any opinion? After attaining knowledge of the Self, after attaining the knower-known (gnata-gneya) relationship, You pass with honors if You get rid of the few opinions that remain.

You cannot ‘see’ things as they are because of opinions; you cannot experience bliss of freedom because there is a veil of opinion. You can become flawless when you do not have any opinions at all. After attaining Self-realization as long as you have opinions, you are considered to be free but not absolutely free. Your infinite samadhi (absolutely unaffected state) is halted because of opinion only.

The causes that were created in the past life are unfolding as effects in this life. To that effect, to give opinions ‘this is good and this is bad’ creates attachment and abhorrence. Actions (kriya) do not create causes—bind karma. Causes are created through opinions.

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