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What is the cause behind accidental death of my son?

Questioner: My son died in an accident. What is the cause of that accident?

Accidental Death

Dadashri: Whatever you see happening around you in this world with your naked eyes; whatever you hear with your ears, is all relative truth; it is not the absolute truth. How can your son be yours when even this body of yours does not remain as your own? It is only because of social and worldly interactions that he is considered your son. He is not your son in reality.  In reality, not even your body belongs to you. Only that which remains with you eternally is considered yours. So your belief that your son is really yours makes you unhappy and creates problems. Now that your son is gone, it was God's will, so you have to let go.

Questioner: That is true. What I had was God's property and he took it back.

Dadashri: Yes, this is all God's estate.

Questioner: Is it because of our bad karma that he died in such a way?

Dadashri: Yes, your son's bad karma, and your bad karma. If your karmas are good then the results will be good also.

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