Mallinath Bhagwan Life Stories: Exploring the Past and Last Births

Born to Prabhavati Devi who was the consort of King Kumbh, Lord Mallinath was the 19th Tirthankara. She is the only female Tirthankara of the current time cycle. Despite being a female, She became a Tirthankara. This is considered as one of the 10 wonders in the spiritual world, as usually only males can become Tirthankaras according to the Jain texts. Usually, a Tirthankara is married to thousands of queens, but Mallinath Bhagwan and Naminath Bhagwan are exceptions. This is because they were unmarried Tirthankaras.

Kumbh is Her symbol. Kuber is Her Yaksh Dev and Aparijita is Her Yakshini Devi. She had thousands of followers in the form of Sadhus and Sadhvis. She has set an example for all females by proving that even a lady can go to Moksha and can get rid of all attachments (Moh).

Let’s now go through the life stories of the Lord’s past two births, prior to Her birth as Tirthankar Bhagwan Mallinath.

The Third-Last Birth and The Second-Last Birth
The Last Birth as the Female Tirthankar, Mallinath
Change of Heart of the Six Kings
Omniscience and Nirvana
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