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Good and Bad Karma only in human life.

Questioner: Is it only in the human life form that karmas are bound,including the good ones?

Dadashri: Both good and bad karmas are bound here.

The humans bind karma. If they cause harm or misery to people, they go to the animal form. If their karmas give happiness to others then they return to the human life or go to the celestial level. So the life level depends on the type of karma bound. Once the level is decided, one has to go through that level, experience the effects and return to the human form.


Only humans have the right to bind karma, no one else. Those who have this right must wander through all the four life forms. If they do not do karmas at all, not an iota of cause karma, they are liberated from this cycle. One can attain liberation only in the human form. There is no other place from which one can attain liberation. Have you ever seen anybody not doing any karma?

Questioner: No, I have not.

Dadashri: All these animals you see, they all eat, and drink and fight and still they do not bind karmas. Likewise, it is possible for a human being not to bind any karma while living.This happens when they do not become the doers of the karma and remain as the sufferer of past karmas. When they come to me and receive this knowledge of Self-realization, they become free from all doership of karma and thereafter only the experiencing of previously created karma remains. The ego is the doer of karma.

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