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Positive Parenting: Parent-Child Relationship

The relation between parents and children has existed since time immemorial. However, even today, parents are striving hard to foster ideal child development and solve teenage problems by establishing a reliable relationship . There are many reasons behind this hard struggle of parents who are really in need of some good parenting tips and skills.

Parenting teenagers is probably one of the hardest endeavors for parents to be skillful at, and yet the one for which they are least trained. With an in-depth and complete understanding of today's  youth, Param Pujya Dadashri has shown us how to win their hearts and restore the same loving parent-child relationship even during their growing-up years.

Param Pujya Dadashri has helped several parents on how to deal with children, as well as instill values and manners in them. He has also guided the youth on how to strengthen the parent-child relationship by taking care of their parents throughout their life, as that is the highest religion.

Param Pujya Dadashri reveals the secret art of positive parenting through which parents can make their buds (young children) blossom with the nurturing blend of pure love, equanimity, and spirituality. Read on to get a better understanding of ‘How to parent positively and effectively’.


Spiritual Quotes on "Positive Parenting: Parent-Child Relationship"

  1. Your children are your mirror. They reflect your own faults.
  2. Love that fluctuates is not true love; it is attachment. Love that is constant is God's love.
  3. No one in the world improves through physical or verbal abuse. They benefit from being shown the right way to act.
  4. Every young adult has the potential power to help the entire world. He just needs the right guidance and support. Without such guidance the youth has turned selfish and has a very self-centered view of life. They will prey on others for their own worldly comfort and happiness. He who renounces his own happiness can make others happy.
  5. Children bring with them their personalities at birth, but you have to help and nurture them so that they flourish.
  6. Keep positive intents (bhaavs) for your children. This will bring good results. They will change for the better and this will happen naturally.
  7. The day you stop arguing and nagging your children, they will begin to improve. It is because your words do not come out right that they get aggravated. They do not embrace your words, but simply throw them back at you.
  8. Parents attempt to mould their children into replicas of themselves. They should let them blossom on their own. They should know the children's strong points and nurture them instead.
  9. Parents should speak in such a way, that children become interested in what they have to say. Only then would children listen to their parents.
  10. Real parents are those who manage to change their children's behavior through love and understanding, even when the child does dreadful things. But such love is not to be found, because the parents themselves are loveless. This world can only be won over through love.

Science behind "Positive Parenting: Parent-Child Relationship"

  1. If you become a friend to your children, they will improve. But if you assert your authority as a parent, you will risk losing them. Your friendship should be such that the child will not go looking for comfort and guidance elsewhere.
  2. You should constantly maintain the intent that you want your child's understanding to improve. In doing so, you will notice a change after some time. Your child will eventually come to understand. You just have to keep praying for him. But if you keep nagging him, he will go against you. You have to adjust and accept things as they are.
  3. When children are reprimanded, they will not tell the truth and they will learn to hide things. This is how deception arises in the world.
  4. When you become irritated with your children, you are binding new karma for your next life. There is nothing wrong in displaying irritation towards them as long as you do not feel and suffer the irritation. It should be dramatic.
Try It Yourself

Try It Yourself

How do I instill moral values in my kids to ensure they grow up to be good & reponsible children?
You should talk to your children every night and discuss things with them. Converse with them and explain things to them in an amicable manner. You need to pay attention to all the aspects of their development. They already have a good personality, but they need encouragement. You have to keep them in check and caution them.

Teach your children good habits. Every morning after they bathe, teach them to pray for world peace and salvation. If you can do this, it would mean that you have succeeded in instilling good values in them. Pray with them, so they will learn from you. This is your duty as a parent.

How can children improve their concentration in studies?
Everyday, you should also have them sing "Dada Bhagwan Na Aseem Jai Jai kar Ho" (Prayer to the Lord within). Many children have benefited from this and their concentration in their studies has improved. From a very young age, they will learn that God is within them.

Dada's Life

Dada's Life

"What the world regards as love is merely attachment. It fluctuates whereas true love is one that is unconditional and does not fluctuate.

I have a way out for the young people of today. I know how to guide them. My love for them remains constant. My love does not increase or decrease. Love that fluctuates is not true love; it is attachment. Love that is constant is God's love. It wins everyone over. I for myself do not wish to win over anyone, but they surrender to my love. People have not yet seen true love. True love exists in the heart of a Gnani Purush. This love is absolute and unconditional. The Gnani's love is God's love.

I get along very well with children. They make friends with me. As soon as I enter their homes, even the little toddlers would come and welcome me in. You pamper them, whereas I treat them with love. I do not pamper them."

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Generation Gap

Generation Gap

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