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Impact of Words in Relationship : Avoid Hurtful Words

Spirituality has never entered into the worldly life.The two have been kept seperate. Here, Akram Vignan has placed spirituality into the very core of worldly life. 

Pujya Dadashri gives us practical solutions of how to purify verbal interaction with our friends and family so that it hurts no one.His solutions reach the heart directly and lead to liberation.

Do you not speak pleasantly at certain times? You speak nicely when you speak with your boss or your superiors. But you use harsh language with those who work under you. You criticize and scold them all day long. Your entire speech becomes ruined because there is ego behind it.

Read more to resolve problems involving interpersonal communication through speech.


Spiritual Quotes on "Impact of Words in Relationship : Avoid Hurtful Words"

  1. Words must be sweet or else they should not be spoken.
  2. As long as your speech does not hurt anyone, there is nothing wrong in talking.
  3. People have the right to criticize you. You do not have the right to criticize anyone.
  4. Words are like money. Give them as you give money, by counting each one.
  5. If you want to say something, make sure it is positive.
  6. Correct speech is only that which is accepted by the other person. It is speech that suits the other person. You should speak in such a way that the other person will accept your speech. 
  7. When parents speak recklessly, children will behave recklessly.
  8. Children are like mirrors. From them we can see the extent of our mistakes.
  9. That is why I tell people that after the age of sixteen they should treat their child like a friend.
  10. The world will always improve with love. There is no other solution for it.

Science behind "Impact of Words in Relationship : Avoid Hurtful Words"


  1. A person who hears you call him 'worthless' is bound to be hurt, but also the resulting consequences and its different phases will bring you a lot of unhappiness. When you say something positive about another person, you will feel peace within you and your spoken words will give peace to the other person also.
  2. If I decide that, 'I want to speak words that will hurt no living being, no religion and the foundation of any religion', such intentions will produce syaadvaad speech (speech that hurts no one).
  3. Whenever you caution someone, he is bound to feel hurt, but if you keep doing pratikraman, in a short time, perhaps even within a year, your speech will be more pleasant and acceptable to him.
  4. Words can soothe or aggravate a person. Therefore, they are all effective. All effective things are inanimate. The Self is beyond effects. Anything that is temporary is effective.
Try It Yourself

Try It Yourself

  1. If you want to improve your speech you must stop using hurtful speech towards others. You can also improve your speech if you do not see faults in others and if you avoid conflicts.
  2. "Dada, please reside in all your glory on my vocal cords!" Ask Dada for this and your speech will improve. Even doing Dada's niddidhyasan (visual contemplation) on your vocal cords, will improve your speech.
  3. As soon as you realize that you have lied, you must immediately ask for forgiveness from 'Dada' by saying, "Dada I do not want to tell a lie and yet I did. Please forgive me. I will not lie again." If it happens again, do not worry, just continue to ask for forgiveness. If you do this your mistakes will not be 'recorded'. They will not go on record if you ask for forgiveness.


Dada's Life

Dada's Life

1)  When I was about twenty-five years old a relative had come to visit. I did not have this Gnan at the time and I did not know that speech is a record. This relative said some very unpleasant and hurtful things to me but I could not afford to quarrel with any relatives so I told him, "Have a seat please. I may have made a mistake." I served tea and snacks to him and calmed him down. As he was leaving, I said, "Please take the 'bag' (harsh words) back with you. I have not 'tasted' its contents. You had given it without weighing and measuring it properly. I do not accept anything that has not been measured. I only have use for goods that are correctly measured, so please take your bag back with you." He was pacified when he heard this.

2) Even at the age of seventy-three, Hiraba (Dada's wife) would ask me to come home early. In return I would tell her that I too, did not like being away from her. I played my role to the fullest and how happy it made her feel! She would declare her feelings to me and I too, would speak accordingly. Whatever you say should be beneficial to others. What good is it if you say things that are not beneficial to others.

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Science of Speech

Science of Speech

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વાણી વ્યવહાર

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