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How to face insult?

Questioner : If someone says something insulting, how should we deal with it? How should we maintain equanimity?

Dadashri : What does our Gnan say? First of all, no one in the world has any power to distress you. It is not possible for anyone to interfere in anyone else's life. So why do you confront such interference? The one who interferes in your life is a nimit (instrumental in settling your account) for you. Whether a person hurts you or helps you, it is your own account. It is because of the account of your past karmas that people harm you or help you. They are just nimits. Once the karmic account is over, no one can interfere with you.

So quarrelling with the nimit is pointless. When you accuse your nimit, you are creating a new account. There is nothing here that you have to do. This is a science and all you have to do is understand it.

Questioner: If someone scolds me and I am not at fault, is he still a nimit?

Dadashri: No one in this world has a right to tell you anything, unless you are at fault. If the other person says anything, it is simply payback for a mistake that you made in your past life. It is a mistake from your past life that is being settled through the medium of this person. He is just a nimit. It is your mistake and that is why he is scolding you.

You should have a positive bhaav towards the person because in reality, he is liberating you from your past mistake. You only have to ask the Lord within him, to give him the right intellect (buddhi) because he has become a nimit. Whatever comes your way is a result of your own doing.

Settle all your past accounts and do not create any new 'loans'.

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