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How to avoid argument at home?

Questioner : What should we do when we have a big argument at home?

Dadashri : A wise person would not get into an argument even if he were offered a hundred thousand dollars, and yet it seems that people still do so even when they receive nothing. Lord Mahavir had to leave home in order to discharge His karmas. He had to go into the wilderness amongst uncivilized and abusive people looking for penance. People today do not have to venture outside of their homes to find such penance! These situations are very beneficial for one's spiritual progress provided that they are used that way.

At home you should only give advice when it is asked for. To give advice that is not requested God calls egoism.When the man asks his wife where he should put the cup and she says, " Put it over there," then he should place it there. But he argues with her instead and tells her that she doesn't have any sense of placement, "What a place to put this cup!" He shouts. She becomes combative and says, " I have no sense and so I asked you to use yours!" When will such interference stop? All these incidents are only just clashes of situations.

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