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How to handle kids? Why children argue?

Questioner : Children here are very argumentative and when we talk to them, they tell us, 'Why are you lecturing us?'

Dadashri: Yes, they argue a lot. Yet, if you teach them with love, then the arguments will decrease. These arguments are the result of your own mistakes. They argue with you because they simply cannot forget all the times you have initimidated them. That is why they argue. Not a single child argues with me because I talk to them with true love. My voice does not have a tone of authority or a trace of ego. If you talk to a child there should be no hint of authority in it.

Dadashri : So why don't you experiment this yourself, according to my instructions?

Questioner : What should we do?

Dadashri : Just speak to him with love and affection.

Questioner : He knows that I love him.

Dadashri : That kind of love is worthless because the moment you say anything to him, you use your authority as a tax collector, 'Do this. Do that. You have no sense etc. Do you not speak this way?

The world will always improve with love. There is no other solution for it. If it were possible to change things through fear, repression and intimidation then there would be an end to democracy in government and we would have totalitarian regimes that would incarcerate human beings and even hang them.

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