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How to avoid hurtful words in my business/workplace?

Questioner: What should I do in my business when I become angry with someone who does not  understand?

Dadashri: In a business it is important to speak up or say something for the sake of the business. But there too, to say nothing is an art; you can accomplish a lot even when you do this in your business. But this is not learnt easily because it is a very refined art. You have to fight in your business and whatever you gain, you must evaluate and deposit into your karmic account. But you should never fight at home; because it is your family, people of your own that you fight with.

Keeping quiet is a very difficult art to master. It is difficult for others to learn.

Here is a way to practice this art: Even before the person appears in front of you, you have to communicate with the Pure Soul (shuddhatma) within him. When you so this, it will placate him, so that all you have to do is stay quiet. You will get your work done by doing this. I am only giving you a very brief explanation, but this art is indeed very subtle.

A single harsh word creates vibrations that last for a long time. When you use harsh language, you commit violence with your intent (bhaav hinsa), and this is violence against the person's Soul (Atma hinsa). You should only utter peasant words and never harsh ones. People forget this and so they quarrel throughout the day.

Good and bad words exist in this world. Bad words are damaging to one's health, while good words maintain good health. When people say, "You are unworthy", the word, 'You,' is innocuous but the word 'unworthy' is very harmful.

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