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What is the relation between speech and inner intent?

You think that no one hears you scold your wife at home! Married couples quarrel with each other and use reckless language in the presence of their children. They think children do not understand anything. But what about the recording that is taking place within them? When they grow up, everything will come out in the open.

There is nothing wrong with your daily language as far as it affects your worldly interaction, but when you speak irresponsibly or utter anything negative about a living being, it is recorded. How easy is it to start the recording within people on earth? It takes no time. Anyone making the slightest instigation towards someone turns on a continual recording of hostility within that person. There is such weakness in you that you will begin to speak without even being provoked.

Questioner: We should never speak negatively about anyone, but we must also never have negative inner intent (bhaav) for anyone. Right?

Dadashri: Yes that is true, negative intentions towards anyone should not arise within you. Whatever deep inner intent (bhaav) you possess, cannot be prevented from coming out in your speech. So the creation of these bhaavs will cease when speech ceases too. Speech is the echo of inner intent. Hostile intentions (negative bhaav) will arise inevitably, even though the person that has them does not want  them. Is this not true? You cannot prevent them from occurring. Such intentions (bhaavs) have altogether stopped for me. You too will have to come to this level.

We must rid ourselves of the weakness of hostile reactions (bhaav). If they continue to occur, then we have the weapon of pratikraman. Pratikraman erases all such mistakes. If water enters the factory, it is possible to clean it up before it becomes ice and destroys your machines. In the same way, you have the ability to clean up your potentially destructive karmas before they gel and solidify to give results in the next life. 

Questioner: Is the recording that takes place, based upon the person's intentions while he speaks and his awareness at the time?

Dadashri: No. The taping (the recording) does not occur at the time of speech. It has already taken place previously. What happens today is that it plays back the way it was recorded in the past life.

Questioner: But what happens now if we have the awareness as we speak (it plays back)?

Dadashri: If you scold someone and you think to yourself, 'I was right to scold him,' then a 'code word' will be recorded again reflecting these inner intentions. And if you feel, 'I was wrong to scold him,' then a new 'code word' is created. Your intent of, 'I was right in scolding him', will create a similar code (as the one giving effect right now), except the newer one will be much stronger. If your inner bhaav was, 'I did a terrible thing. I should not have spoken that way. Why do these things happen?' the code becomes smaller.

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