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What does the lack of fear lead to?

Questioner: It is written in the Aptasutra, 'If you do pratikraman for a tiger, then it too will forget its violent intent.' What does that mean?

Dadashri: Yes, when the tiger forgets its violent intent, then you will lose your fear.

Questioner: Our fear will go away. That is fine, but does that have any effect on its soul?


Dadashri: Nothing occurs. When your fear goes away, the connection (with the tiger) becomes free.

Questioner: But did you not say that its violent intent goes away.

Dadashri: Its violent intent goes away.

Questioner: How does that occur?

Dadashri: When your fear goes away, its violent intent goes away.

Questioner: So does that mean that it had an effect on its soul?

Dadashri: There is a direct effect on the Soul. It does reach its Soul. Even a tiger will do whatever you command it, if you were to do its pratikraman. There is no difference between a tiger and a human. The difference is in the vibrations you emit. It is your vibrations that will affect the tiger. As long as you believe in your mind that a tiger is a violent animal, the tiger will remain violent. If you are aware that the tiger is the Soul, then it will have no violence with you. Everything is possible.

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