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How to do pratikraman (ask for forgiveness) ?

Questioner: What is the pratikraman vidhi?

Pratokraman vidhi

Dadashri: For example if you hurt Chandulal, then you have to invoke the one who is free from, thoughts, speech, and actions; bhav karma, dravya karma, and no karma; of 'Chandulal' (or the name of the person you hurt) and all illusions attached to that name. This One is the 'Shuddhatma Bhagwan' (the pure Soul). Then say, "Dear Shuddhatma Bhagwan, I have spoken in a harsh manner and that is a fault of mine. I am repenting for this mistake. I am asking for your forgiveness. I am resolving not to repeat this mistake. Please give me the strength not to repeat the mistake again."

Think of Dada (The fully enlightened Lord within The Gnani Purush) or Shuddhatma Bhagwan when you do your pratikraman. First do alochana, or confession of your mistake. Then do pratikraman, which is the actual asking of forgiveness that will cleanse your mistakes, and lastly do pratyakhyan, which is your resolve never to repeat the mistake.

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