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How can one protect all life forms from fear?

Questioner: So why is there such a great emphasis on protecting life forms from fear?


Dadashri: Many who understand non-violence have placed great emphasis on protecting life forms from fear. Protecting life forms from fear is the main thing. What is protecting life forms from fear? An example of this would be to take care not to disturb any birds if they were sitting here, by walking very quietly. Another example would be to remove your shoes and tiptoe past a sleeping dog. How can one be considered human if he instills fear in others? One should not even startle stray dogs. Understand that you have failed to give this protection from fear if a dog is stirred from his sleep as you are walking by. Protecting living things from fear means that no living entity fears your presence. Have you ever seen anyone with such a quality? Protecting life from fear is the highest of all charity.

When I was twenty-two years old, I used to be very cautious so as not to startle any sleeping dogs. I am constantly protecting all life from fear and if a person learns to do the same, he would attain liberation. Generally people are inclined to instill fear in others and threaten them. Everybody has learnt how to donate fear. No one has learnt how to donate protection from fear.

Questioner: Is it not considered protecting life from fear to make efforts to save these life forms?

Dadashri: There is a tremendous liability for anyone that does this, because to do this is nothing but egoism. The Lord has only said that one should practice kindness towards one's own Self. The scriptures mention just this much and no other form of kindness. And if you take on the task of practicing any other forms of kindness unnecessarily, you will incur a liability.

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