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How can one become free from the fear of death?

Questioner: I do not have a fear of dying but I do have a fear of suffering pain during death.

Dadashri: What suffering?

Questioner: Physical suffering (vyadhi).

Dadashri: What is there to fear in that? Is it not vyavasthit? If it is in your vyavasthit to be blind, you will become blind. Then why have fear of it? Now that You have accepted vyavasthit, there is no need to have any fear. Nothing is going to affect You. Walk around in a fearless (nirbhay) state.


Questioner: Fear of suffering pain continues to be there.

Dadashri: When there is not going to be any suffering (vedana), why be fearful of it? Suffering comes to those who fear it. How can there be any suffering for those who are fearless? This is just your 'vanik baggage' (peculiar characteristics of a Vania caste), is it not? It is very soft and timid.

Questioner: I have had a headache for the past two days, which has been intolerable.

Dadashri: The moment you say, ‘I cannot tolerate it’, it possesses you. What You have to say is, ‘Chandubhai*, do you have a bad headache? I will massage it and it will go down.’ But it will possess you if you say, ‘I have a headache.’ This is a big ‘ghost’.

Questioner: I like the experience of pleasure (shata-vedaniya) and dislike the experience of pain (ashata-vedaniya).

Dadashri: It is ‘Chandubhai’ who likes it, does he not? You (the Self) should tell Chandubhai to change his dictionary. The painful will bring pleasure and the pleasant will bring pain. The pleasant and the painful are both illusions of the mind. Try to ‘fit’ these words of Mine and then try it. And then if they affect you even in the slightest, come and tell me.

Questioner: I am asking You this question to find a solution for it.

Dadashri: You should ask me and then do as I tell you. This is the only solution! Never take on the suffering by saying, ‘I am hurting’. If someone were to ask you, ‘What is the matter with you?’ you should say, ‘My neighbor has a headache and I am aware of that’. You are convinced that ‘this’ is Your neighbor (Chandubhai), are You (the Self) not?

Questioner: Yes.

Dadashri: Then why all the suffering of the pain? If the neighbor is crying, do You have to cry along with him? Conflicts are inevitable with the neighbors. Besides, who does not have conflicts with his wife? Why should You cry when You are not even married? Only the married cry. You are not married, nor are You widowed! Why should You cry? On the contrary, You should try to pacify the neighbor by saying, ‘Dear fellow, don’t cry. Don’t worry. I am with you, so don’t cry and don’t worry.’ This is what You should say.

*Chandubhai  =  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandubhai' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding. 

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