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How does fear go away by surrendering to a Gnani?

Dadashri: Now what kind of fear do you expect to arise?

Questioner: What do I have to fear? Now that I have surrendered everything to You, why would I want anything?


Dadashri: But do you not have any fear that still remains? If you have surrendered your all, then you should not have the slightest fear. Not even a palpitation of your heart remains; that is how wonderful this is.

Whatever you surrender is good. Having surrendered, sit down and have a nice meal in comfort. Then there is no one out there to scold you. There is no one superior to boss you around. Your mistakes (I-ness) and your blunder (my-ness) were your superiors before. Dada has destroyed your blunder and you will have to wash off your mistakes.

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