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Who controls karma ?


Questioner: So who manages all this?

Dadashri: The rules of karma are such that when you create karma, the result will come naturally and automatically.

Questioner: Who decides the fruits of karmas we have to experience? Who makes us experience these?

Dadashri: They do not need to be decided. The karma itself does this. It happens on its own.

Questioner: Then who governs the rules of karma?

Dadashri: When two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen come together, we automatically get water. That is the rule of karma.

Questioner: But somebody must have made that rule?

Dadashri: Nobody makes the rules; otherwise there would be a creator. Nobody has to make the rules. This puzzle has come about on its own governed by the laws of science. I am telling you that this world is run only by Scientific Circumstantial Evidences. In Gujarati I call it 'Vyavasthit Shakti'.

Reference: Book Name : The Science of Karma (Page #22 Last Paragraph and Pages #23 Paragraph #2,#3,#4,#5,#6,#7)

Questioner: Does the worldly life run according to the theory of karma?

Dadashri: No, there is no theory of karma in it.

Questioner: What is karma? There is no resolution if one even depends on the theory of karma. If one considers God as the ‘doer’, even then it does not fit into the equation. Then there has to be something else that regulates all this. What is that?

Dadashri: It is all run by scientific circumstantial evidences. The whole world is run by this energy. These words are not easy to understand unless you think about them very closely.

Reference: Book Name: Aptavani 4 (Page #283 - Paragraph #2 to #5)

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