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How to develop Pure Love? How to become a Personification of Love?

Pure love will increase in proportion to the decrease in differences experienced. What do we need to get rid of in order to develop pure love? One has to be rid of their differences so that pure love can arise. When the differences disappear completely, absolute, pure love is established.  This is the only way.

Pure Love

Did you understand this 'point of view'? This is something very different. One has to become the personification of love. One will then feel a sense of oneness with everyone. There will be no discrimination or difference. People usually say, 'this is mine and that is yours!' It is like a disease. Differences exist because of this disease. But when people depart from this world, is there any such thing as 'mine' and 'yours'? Once this 'disease' is eradicated, one will become a personification of love.

Love is when one perceives the Self in all living beings. All this is 'I', and 'I' am in all. Otherwise one will have to say, 'you'. If you do not see, 'I' then you will see, 'you'. Then there will always be a difference between you and others. For worldly interactions, you will have to say, 'I' and 'you,' but in reality you should see 'I' everywhere. To become the embodiment of love is to see everything with oneness, and act with oneness. Get rid of your belief that others are different. You should feel as though everyone is a part of one big family.

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