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Flawless vision of The Enlightened One.

I can see your faults also but my vision is focused only on your Pure Self; my vision is not on the unfolding of your karma. People's faults do not escape my awareness but they do not have any effect on me and that is why Kavi (Follower of Param Pujya Dadashri) has written:

"A mother never looks at the faults of her children,

Dada never sees anyone's faults."

If someone was to insult me and ask me for forgiveness, I would tell him that I do not have to grant forgiveness, forgiveness is an inherent quality that flows naturally. No matter what anyone does to me, my forgiveness is always the reward he will get in return. This is one of the Gnani's inherent attributes. That is not the attribute of the Self.

From these attributes one can measure the degree to which the Self within has manifest, and yet, these are not the attributes of the Soul. The inherent quality of the Self remains with it, but these qualities manifest as virtues in worldly interactions. If you slap a person and he responds with a smile, you can understand that forgiveness is a spontaneous quality within him.

I know all your weaknesses. These weaknesses are inevitable and that is why my natural forgiveness is there. I do not have to grant you forgiveness; it is always there. Natural forgiveness is an attribute of the final stages of enlightenment. There is spontaneous forgiveness, and not only that, there is constant love for you; this love never increases or decreases. The love that increases or decreases is infatuation. The love I have is pure love. It is the love of the Supreme Lord.

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