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How does pure love arise?

Where there is no love, there is no path to liberation. Even when one does not know the right things to say, one is offered only love. This is pure love.

God exists where there is honesty in relative interactions and where there is pure love, which does not increase, or decrease. These are the two places where God resides. Where there is love, faith and purity, that is where God is.

Love arises after one transcends the 'relative self' and becomes absolutely independent. Where can one find Gnan, real knowledge? It is where work is achieved through love. There, there is no give or take. There is oneness there. Where there is an exchange of money, there is no love. Do people not charge a fee for their spiritual discourses? That is a business and you will not find love there. Where there is love there is no deceit. Where there is deceit there is no love.

One gets used to wherever one sleeps on, if one sleeps on a mat he gets used to that mat and if one sleeps on a Dunlop mattress, he will get used to that too. If you ask the one who insists upon sleeping on the mat, to sleep on the Dunlop mattress, he would not be able to sleep. Insistence is poison and the absence of insistence is nectar. Until one attains the state where one becomes free of all insistence, the love of the world will not be acquired. Pure love is born out of non-insistence and pure love is the Supreme Lord.

Embodiment of love

One becomes an embodiment of love when one does not look for rules and regulations. If you look for rules and regulations, you cannot become the embodiment of love. Love is not to be found with the one who asks, 'why are you late?' When you are the embodiment of love, people listen to you. If you have infatuation and attraction, who would listen to you? You need money, you need other women, is that not infatuation and attraction? Even the need to have disciples is infatuation and attraction.

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