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How to improve speech?

Questioner: How can the understanding acquired in this life help improve our speech? Please explain with an example.

Dadashri: If someone were to insult you right now, it would affect you internally. You may retaliate mentally, 'You are worthless,' but the real You (Self) is not involved in this reaction. Once you have become the Self, you are eternally separate from all that is the non-Self. That is why You are separate from the above interaction. Without Self Realization, one speaks as if he is ill or dying.

Questioner: Would this understanding help those who have not had the separation of the Self from the non-Self, the ego?

Dadashri: Yes, but he will say things as they are and later repent for what he said.

If you want to improve your speech you must stop using hurtful speech towards others. You can also improve your speech if you do not see faults in others and if you avoid conflicts.

Questioner: If I want to improve my speech now, how can I do so?

Dadashri: You cannot improve your speech yourself because that speech has already been 'recorded'.

Questioner: Yes. That is exactly why. It has become vyavasthit.

Dadashri: It has become vyavasthit but now here through the grace and compassion of the Gnani Purush, it can be changed. However, it is difficult to receive this grace.

Everything can be improved through the Gnani's Agnas, because it is a security fence, which will prevent you from entering into another life.

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