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Questioner: What is anahat naad?

Dadashri: It means to capture sound from any part of the body; it can be from the heart, the elbow, the wrists etc. Then they concentrate and focus their attention on that sound and progress from there on. It is difficult to understand the kind of 'station' this is. There are so many kinds of such 'stations' but you will not find the Soul via these stations. Those are not paths for acquiring the Soul for liberation. These practices are not the main goal, but stations that come on the way to the main goal. They are canteens; stops along the way to the path of liberation! If you become the Soul (through Self-realization), then you become established in the Self (brahmanishtha), and then your work is completed. Otherwise the Maharaj (the guru) himself does not dwell in the Self, he is attached to the world, so how is he going to be beneficial to you?

Brahma (the Self), is in everyone for sure, but they are all attached to the world. Right now people have their attachment to the world; they want to enjoy all the worldly pleasures. But the Gnani Purush takes that attachment and places you in the Self, thus fracturing the attachment to the world. It is only after this that you arrive at the final destination and can walk around in bliss. You do not achieve anything by wasting your time at the middle stations. Not a single negative attribute of yours will go away. How can any negative attribute go away when you have the feeling, 'I am Chandulal* and this is my station?' Vedanta too proclaims, 'Nothing can be achieved without the knowledge of the Soul.'


What does this anahat naad (the silent sound) suggest? It is paudgalik; it is physical and of the non-Self. What does it do for the Soul? Nothing. It cannot be the Soul. If it was truly the sound of the Soul, or even if it were related to the Soul (anushangik), then no one or nothing in this world will bother you. But it will bother you if it is of the non-self. Therefore, should you not understand what this is all about?

Still, 'we' will not interfere with those who like to plunge into this. For them it is correct. They are fine where they are at. And they are fine in their beliefs until they attain the knowledge of the Self.

*Chandulal =  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandulal' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding.

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