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What was Lord Parshvanath's state of Meditation during His penance (tapa)?

How can one deal with such vengeful people? With such people, even if you were to fire a gun at them, your bullets would go to waste. In addition to that, they will bind vengeance towards you. If you bind vengeance towards one person, that vengeance will ruin your life for seven more lives. He will say, 'I don't want to go to moksha, but I will not let him go either.' You know that enmity between Lord Parshvanath and Kamath had been going on for eight lives, and the Lord became free only when He became vitarag. Only the Lord could have tolerated the cruel and malicious acts Kamath directed at Him. People of today do not have the capacity to suffer what the Lord had to. Kamath made balls of fire rain over the Lord as He sat in meditation. He threw large rocks at the Lord. He created heavy rain fall on the Lord but despite this, the Lord suffered everything with equanimity and on top of that he blessed Kamath and thus dealt with all enmity that Kamath had for Him. Just as a cat can smell a mouse, so can those who have a score of enmity to settle, they do not have to look for each other. When Lord Parshvanath was sitting down below (on earth) deep in his meditation, Kamath who was a celestial being (Deva) was passing by from above, he really did not want to look down but even then he happened to see Lord Parshvanath. He started to trouble the Lord by throwing balls of fire on Him, he hurled big stones and created a torrential rainfall on the Lord, he did everything he could to create havoc on the Lord. At that time Dharnendra, another celestial deva, upon whom the Lord Parshvanath had bestowed blessings in the previous life, gained knowledge of Kamath's malicious acts towards the Lord through his divine powers of clair voyance (avadhi Gnan). He came down to earth and turned into a shield of canopy over the Lord's head to protect him. The celestial goddesses also created a huge lotus flower to lift the Lord out of the rising floods.


Despite all this, the Lord remained in his meditation; He did not have the slightest of abhorrence towards his tormentor Kamath or the slightest attachment towards Dharnendra, the goddesses who protected Him. Such was his state of non-attachment (vitaragata) and this you can see openly in his deity; tremendous non-attachment. For the darshan of vitaragata amongst the twenty-four tirthankaras, the idol of Lord Parshvanath displays vitaragata.

Today people have hardly anything to suffer and yet they complain so much. If you take all the suffering of their entire life, it is not equivalent to even one day of suffering of a spiritually elevated being and yet people go around complaining.

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