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Does Post-Gnan bliss last for only this birth?

Questioner: After acquiring Gnan Vidhi one experiences bliss. Is this only for this birth or for all the births to come?

self Realization

Dadashri: It is permanent. After Gnan (Self-Realisation), one becomes a non-doer and consequently will not bind new karmas. He will attain moksha (liberation) within one or two births. There is no choice in the matter. This path is not for those who do not desire liberation. Those who do not like liberation should not take this path.

Questioner: Will we remember this Gnan (knowledge of the Soul) in our next life?

Dadashri: Everything will be the same. There will be no changes. Because you have stopped binding new karmas, no confusion will ever arise again.

Questioner: So does that mean that in our past lives, we have created karmas, which continue to perpetuate the confusion?

Dadashri: In your past lives, karmas were bound because of your ignorance of your real Self and in this life you are experiencing the effect of those karmas (Actions operating through the law of "cause" and "effect"). The effects have to be endured. If a person has not met a Gnani, he will continue to bind new causes simultaneously as he is faced to endure the effects of his past karma. The causes he creates in this life will result as effects in his next life. And thus the cycle of cause and effect, effect and cause will continue, until he meets a Gnani Purush (One who has realized the Self and is able to do the same for others). The Gnani Purush puts a stop to the creation of causes and all that remains will be the effects, which one will have to endure. New karmas will no longer be bound.

Therefore, not only will you remember this entire Gnan, but also you will become the embodiment of that Gnan (Knowledge - Here knowledge of the Self or the Soul). Then you will not fear anything.

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