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Essential religious doctrine

The path to liberation does not have any rituals. Rituals are only present in the worldly life. The worldly life is for those who want material and physical comforts. For them, rituals are appropriate; however they are not needed for liberation. What is the path for liberation? It is alochana, pratikraman, and pratyakhyan. These will fuel your vehicle en route to moksha. The way to moksha is through these, no other rituals are needed. This is what I myself have done for countless lives. For so many lives I have done alochana, pratikraman, and pratyakhyan and my efforts have brought me thus far.

Religious Doctrine

There are two religious doctrines. One is not to engage in any kashays (anger, false pride, greed, and illusionary conduct) and the other is to do pratikraman. If kashays occur as a result of your past karmas, you must do pratikraman. That is dharma (relative religion) and nothing else. Unfortunately it is precisely these two things that people have eliminated.

If you say something hurtful to anyone, you must do pratikraman. He in turn must do pratikraman also. What pratikraman should he do? His pratikraman should be, "I must have erred somewhere in the past which is why this person has been given the occasion to insult me." He must do pratikraman for his previous life's karma and you must do pratikraman for the present. Only through such pratikraman, being done at least  five hundred times a day, can one attain liberation.

 It will be enough to do just this and nothing more. You need not seek any other religion. I am giving you my guarantee and am blessing you for liberation. I will be with you the entire way, giving you my full support. All that is required of you is your readiness. If you were to apply any of this in your daily life, it would be enough.

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