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What are the facts behind the vow of celibacy?

Sex is the only one thing that can be changed through the agna of the Gnani Purush. (Here, a special agna is the directions given by the Gnani to the one who desires brahmacharya). Nevertheless, this vow of celibacy and agna cannot be granted to everyone. It has been given only to a select few. Let’s explore the facts behind the vow of celibacy:


  • The agna of a Gnani has the power to change everything. The seeker of brahmacharya simply has to make a firm decision (nischaya) that regardless of whatever happens; he will not have anything to do with sex, at any cost. Then, the Gnani Purush would give him the agna and the vow of celibacy and the energy of His words will start working in him. His chit will no longer be distracted.
  • What happens when the worldly people take the vow of celibacy is that their mind will remain in a proper place; it will continue to remain within the boundary. If they do not take a vow of celibacy, then their chit will keep on wandering around.
  • No matter what kind of suffering one has to endure, if he remains unperturbed by it, only then will the vow of chastity sustain. The vow of chastity will remain if one remains purely in the Gnani Purush’s agnas (special directive).
  • Everyone does not need to take the vow of celibacy. Only those for whom taking a vow of celibacy comes as an udadya (unfolding effect of past karma) are able to take the vow of celibacy. Such people are filled with constant thoughts of practicing brahmacharya and it will come as an unfolding of their past karma and thus they will take the vow of celibacy.
  • One can take the vow of brahmacharya for 1 year or even for six months. If you keep having lots of thoughts about brahmacharya, and even if you keep on suppressing thoughts of brahmacharya which arise, then only you should ask for the vow of chastity, if not, this vow of chastity is not worth asking for. Having taken the vow of chastity, it is a grave fault and liability to break it. When thoughts of sex never arise, that is called Brahmacharya Mahavrat - a major vow of celibacy.
  • If the Gnani Purush gives you agna (special instruction) for brahmacharya and if you make any error then it is a tremendous responsibility. If you do not fail then all the responsibility is on the Gnani Purush. Whatever you do, if it is according to His agna then you are not responsible. When you abide by the agna then your ego will not arise. Therefore, it is not your responsibility but then there will be the responsibility of the one who gives the agna.
  • If one takes the vow of celibacy and follows it to its fullest, without errors, one will achieve a wonderful place in the world and attain moksha within one lifetime. There is tremendous power in the words of Gnani Purush’s agna of brahmacharya. The vow of celibacy will not break if there are no weaknesses on your part. That is how strong the power of Gnani Purush’s words is.
  • A lifelong vow of chastity cannot be given in this day and age. It is a dangerous thing to do so. It may be given for a year. If one takes the lifelong vow of chastity and fails, not only does he fall, but he will make the Gnani Purush become instrumental in the fall too.
  • It is not easy to take a vow of celibacy and practice it. Taking a vow of celibacy and preserving it will occur only if your previous karmas allow you to do so. It can only be preserved if your deep inner intent (bhaav) from the previous life was to do so. The other way to preserve brahmacharya is dependent upon your unflinching determination to do so. Your unflinching determination (nischaya) coupled with the energy and power of Gnani Purush’s words (vachanbud), which is always there, will preserve your brahmacharya.
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