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What is the role of rituals in the path of salvation / liberation? Is renunciation necessary for progressing on it?

When we talk about God, spirituality, and Moksha, several questions arise in our minds, like, “For how long will I have to fast?,” “What penance should I do?”, “Will I have to leave my family, wealth, etc.?,” “For how long should I chant mantras?” and “Should I perform rituals?”

rituals and moksha

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “Rituals give peace in the worldly life. Chanting that pacifies the mind gives worldly peace. But there is no liberation (Moksha) without Self-knowledge (Gnan).”

The path of salvation / liberation does not have any rituals. Rituals are only present in the worldly life. It is for those who want material and physical comforts. By performing rituals, you will attain relative worldly happiness; you will attain the comforts of celestial world. However, if you do not want this temporary worldly happiness, and have a yearning for permanent happiness, then the path of liberation (Moksha Marga) is for you.

There is no Moksha through agnan-kriya (activity of the non-self). There would be no Moksha through it even if one were to do penance the whole day long. This is because one believes to be the doer of that; one believes, “I am doing penance.” The belief, “I am the doer,” is and perpetuates bondage. With ignorance, there is bondage; with Knowledge, there is liberation.

If I do not do any rituals, if I do not forgo anything in my life, then how will I get Moksha? What is that required to get Moksha?

The one who wants to attain liberation needs two things: Self-Realization and adherence to the Gnani’s Agnas (special directives given by the Gnani Purush that sustains the enlightened state after Gnan Vidhi). Let’s have a look at what Param Pujya Dadashri says on Self-realization.

Questioner: You tell us that we should realize who we are, so how can we do that?

Dadashri: You have to come to me. You have to say that you want to know who You are, so that I can help you do that.

Questioner: How is it possible to understand and realize the real “I” when we are living in this worldly life?

Dadashri: Where else are you going to realize the real “I”? Is there any other place besides this world where one can live? Everyone in this world must live in it. It is here in this world that you can know your real Self. This is the science of understanding “Who am I?” Come to me and I will make you realize your true Self.

Go and ask the One who has become free, “Sir, make me free,” that is the ultimate solution, the best solution. “Who am I?” Once this is decided, one can attain liberation. And if one does not meet with a Gnani Purush then, until then, one should read the books of a Gnani Purush.

The Self (Atma; the Soul) is a scientific thing. It is not attainable through books. It is with its attributes and function (gunadharma), it is chetan (living element) and that verily is absolute Self (Parmatma). Once you realized this, then it is over; You have attained salvation and that truly You are!

There is no need for any penance or renunciation in the path of liberation. The only thing required is to meet a Gnani Purush. Then the acquisition of his Five Agnas (Special directives given by Dadashri after Self-realization in Gnan Vidhi) becomes your religion and your penance. Right knowledge (Gnan), right vision (darshan), right conduct (charitra) and inner penance (tapa) are the four pillars of the foundation of Moksha. The direct result of Agnas is freedom because all the four pillars are contained in them.

The path of salvation / liberation only becomes easy and straightforward if one meets a Gnani Purush. Then it becomes easier than making rice.

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