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What does Maa Saraswati represent?

Maa Saraswati is the Goddess of Knowledge!

maa saraswati

Saraswati means the one who leads to the essence of self-knowledge. It is a Sanskrit fusion word of:

  1. sāra (सार) i.e. essence and 
  2. sva(स्व) i.e. self
  3. ti (ती) i.e. that one

The word evolves in its meaning from vach (speech) that purifies, to knowledge that purifies’.

What is the definition of the worship of Maa Saraswati?  

It means not to abuse speech in any way or form, or utter speech that is spoken for selfish reasons.

When you abide by the rules that apply to speech, Maa Saraswati becomes pleased on you. She blesses your speech with the power, such that your spoken words produce the desired effect and prove beneficial to whom they are said!

Do you know why there is no power in people's speech nowadays?

It is because people have not abided by the rules of speech. Instead they break the rules of speech by:

  1. Using their speech to scare people, animals, tell lies and employ deceit. As a result the power of speech deteriorates.
  2. Lying for selfish gain. As a result the speech and mind both deteriorate.
  3. Speaking contrary to what we feel inside, or when we do not speak exactly as per how we feel inside.
  4. Making fun of others. We must realize that we are insulting the Lord residing within him, for which we will have to pay a very big price in the future. Therefore, whenever you speak to anyone, be careful to always remain in due respect of the God that resides in every living being.

The Power of speech:

The power of speech arises or gains energy when you:

  1. do not use a single word to make fun of others
  2. do not use your speech to increase your prestige
  3. do not employ any kind of deceit in your speech
  4. never go back on your word
  5. When you only speak the truth, but at the same time, do not insist on the truth, if it hurts others.
  6. When you speak the truth, which is beneficial to others.
  7. do not waste it unnecessarily, instead expend it appropriately to be helpful to others
  8. do not use your speech for any selfish worldly motives

Speech that is with the intent of not hurting anyone is accepted by all. So speak words that bear ill-will to no one, speak kind words, words rejoiced at and welcomed by all, speak gentle, instructive and truthful words, whose utterances do not offend others.

Maintain a strong and pure intention to always speak the truth, and nothing but the truth. If you happen to lie, repent heartily and ask for forgiveness from God.

Goddess Saraswati is Living!

All along, you have done the devotional viewing (darshan) of the Goddess in the form of idols in temples, pictures in books, and as text in scriptures. But what if you have the chance to see Maa Saraswati in living form? When you see Her in Her live form, abiding by the rules of speech will happen with the least perseverance and most enthusiasm. 

Where can we see Maa Saraswati in live form?

If you want to do darshan of the real presence of Maa Saraswati, you can do so by listening to the speech of the Gnani Purush, the enlightened One!

The Goddess Saraswati you see in pictures, books and scriptures is indirect (paroksh). Whereas, in the Gnani’s speech She is direct (pratyakshSaraswati; the living SaraswatiGoddess Saraswati resides in the words spoken by the Gnani.

The Gnani’s speech is full of knowledge which is meant to be heard. His speech is accepted by all, as it does not hurt anyone nor does it harm anyone’s viewpoint in the least. The power of His speech is such that it breaks the veils of ignorance and gives complete clarification of the reality, of who we really are. Such is the tremendous energy and power that the words of the Gnani carry! These words are called Sakshat Saraswati, for they present the essence of the Self (the Soul)! And this is why people leap with awe at every word of the Gnani!

Real meaning of Goddess Saraswati

Below are some excerpts from the conversation that Gnanipurush Dada Bhagwan had with Followers related to the Real meaning of Goddess Saraswati.

Questioner -  Pratyaksha Saraswati means… ‘not my speech’. So what kind of speech is that?

Dadashri - Speech without ownership is considered Saraswati, and the speech of people of this world is ‘my speech,’ and thus, it is with poison. Wherever there is ‘my,’ there is poison. Deluded intellect (viparit buddhi) has spread throughout the world.

Gnani Purush has come in this world, having washed (clearing mistakes) his speech (in many previous lives). He has brought such a beautiful ‘record,’ that it will accomplish the salvation of the world (jagat kalyan). Purity would arise just by listening. The speech that does not have attachment-abhorrence (raag – dwesh) is beneficial to the people.  It is a speech that does not have even a fraction of Egoism.


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