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How to attain the Love of God

God’s love is pure love. It is divine love and that is why the warmth of God’s love is very different.

Why does God love us?

There is no motive behind God’s love. God loves us because God is nothing but love. The inherent attribute of God is - pure love. 

If we have a true liking for God, He is never far away from us. But today, we have a liking for everything except God. Yet God loves us and will always love us, He has never drifted away from us.

Is God’s love conditional?

God’s love is unconditional. His love is beyond any attachment and affection. It is without any expectation whatsoever. God’s love flows consistently on everyone, uninterrupted, without any conditions, without any expectation of getting something in return.

God does not see a single fault in anyone. He does not see anyone as good or bad, high or low, rich or poor, right or wrong. God never discriminates. There is no divide of ‘you and me’ that exists within God and that is why His love is pure love, because pure love exists where there is no feeling of ‘yours and mine’ whatsoever.

pure love of god

How do we attain the Pure Love of God?

Let us learn about it directly from Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan:

Dadashri: Do you want to acquire God's love?

Questioner: Yes, I do. Is that not the ultimate goal of every man? My question here is how can one acquire God's love?

Dadashri: Everyone here wants to love, and they would do so if they found sweetness in it!! Show me where people have found such sweetness in God!

Questioner: Even during his final breath, one is not able to call out to God.

Dadashri: How can one take God's name? One can only take the name of that which one has a desire for. One is preoccupied with his desires. His desire is not for God and that is why he is not preoccupied with God. One only remembers God when one is afraid.

Questioner: The desire for God is there, but certain karmic veils of darkness prevent him from taking God's name.

Dadashri: But how can one take God's name without having the love for God? Should not one have love for God? And what is the benefit in having intense love for God? One would love to eat a mango if it was sweet but what if it was bitter or sour? Where have you found such sweetness in God, that you feel love for Him? 

God is in every living being, as the Self, the force behind all life, the Soul (Chetan). The world is not aware of the Self, and what it believes to be the Self, is really non-Self.

They believe the living body to be the Self, but it is in fact the non-Self. They have absolutely no awareness of the Self. The pure Self is the life force and is the pure Soul, and is God.

It is only when we gain some benefit from this God, that we will have love for this God. And as we feel love for Him, we will remember Him and we will utter His name. But first we have to find such a God, only then will we remember Him. Do you remember 'Dada'?

Questioner: Yes.

Dadashri: You think of Him because He loves you. He loves you, which is why He remains constantly in your mind. How did this love occur? It occurred because 'Dada' has given you something, a bliss that has blossomed this love. Once this love starts to grow, you will never forget it! You will not have to make an effort to remember Him.

So when do we think of God? It is when He graces us, and gives us eternal bliss, gives us something for which we are eternally grateful.

This love [that of the Gnani] is Godly love! It is not found everywhere! It is very rare.

The love of the Gnani Purush (Self-Realized One) is worth observing! Today there are some fifty thousand people here, and all feel His love equally. All of them are living with that love.

The Gnani has equal love for everyone, regardless of his or her physical appearance. He loves the fat and the thin, the black and the white, the physically fit and the disabled. Everywhere His love is constant. He does not look at the external but at the Self within and that is why He has equal love for everyone. Just as in the worldly dealings, people do not look at a person's outer clothes but at his human qualities, the Gnani looks at only the Self and not the physical packing.

Such love attracts everyone, the educated and the illiterate, the young and the old. Such love accommodates everyone, even children.

We cannot see or experience God. Therefore to understand the love of God, at our stage, is difficult. But the Gnani’s love is what we can see and experience; this is the Real Love that exists on this Earth! The Gnani is a fountain of divine love that puts out the fires of the worldly life. The Gnani has an ardent wish for the liberation of all caught in the quagmire of the worldly life.

Without the knowledge of the Self, there is no liberation; and this knowledge does not exist in books, it exists in the heart of the Gnani. Real love begins to manifest from the moment one attains the knowledge of the Self from the Gnani!

The knowledge of the Self gives rise to real love. If anyone in this world begins to walk on the path of Real Love, he would become God. Where there is real love, there is liberation.

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