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Prayer at The Time of Death

Dear Dada Bhagwan, Dear Simandhar Swami, I surrender my thoughts, speech and actions, my name**, all ignorance related to my worldly name, all karma (Actions operating through the law of "cause" and "effect") unto the lotus feet of You, the divine manifest form of the supreme Lord.

Prayer At The Time Of Death

Dear Dada Bhagwan, Dear Simandhar Swami, I hereby accept your exclusive protection. May this surrender of mine be exclusive for you only. Please be present for me at the final moment of my life. Be with me until my final liberation.

Dear Lord, I have no desire for anything temporary in this world. All I desire is moksha (liberation). May my next life be under your guidance only, and at your feet.

Along with this above recite:

Dada Bhagwan na Aseem Jai Jai kar Ho

• The person, whose final hour in life has arrived, should say the above prayer and substitute their name here.

• The above has to be done repeatedly, or someone close by has to do this for the dying person.

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